The beauty of a house is influenced by the lighting as well. Your house will look so clumsy with little lighting even it is a large house. A perfect lighting will make your house looks larger and more beautiful. It helps by the chandelier design which also awesome. Here are some DIY chandelier ideas for you;

DIY Romantic Shabby Chic Lace Chandelier

Diy romantic shabby chic lace chandelier


It is a beautiful and romantic shabby chic chandelier ever seen. Do you want to make this chandelier? Just prepare a ring from wood with different size from large to small. Make layers at the wood with rosettes, lace, ribbon, and add some pearl to make it more eye catching. This a perfect lighting for girl bedroom.

DIY Vintage Industrial Pendant Light

Diy vintage industrial pendant light


This is how you can transform an industrial vintage into a new form. What you need to have is a vintage basket and a light. Cut the center of the basket as a place or the light. Make sure that the light you use is the bigger one which can handle the heavy of basket.

Kitchen Utensils into Beautiful Chandelier

Kitchen utensils into beautiful chandelier


The kitchen utensils can be changed into this beautiful chandelier for your room. Find serving spoon chandelier with different colors to make beautiful lighting at your dining room. Just adhere the spoons around the light. You will see the result.

String Chandelier from a Bouncy Ball and Yarn

String chandelier from a bouncy ball and yarn


Imagine your room will be delighted by this string chandelier. This beautiful chandelier is suitable or you who want to make your small more lighting. The string give you more aesthetic value inside your bedroom or other rooms you like.

DIY Statement Cloth Chandelier

Statement cloth chandelier


Cloth Chandelier is also good for a small room to be look wider by its lighting. Hang this chandelier at the day of Halloween, but don’t use LED light. You can choose any kinds of fabrics you have in any colors. Even, white color will be the best choice.

Crystal Ball Chandelier

Crystal ball chandelier


Crystal ball chandelier is good to placed at your library. It’s bright and beautiful to help you read your favorite book every day. If you want to use this chandelier for your living room, it will be nice idea. Put this anywhere you like and enjoy the light.

Ombre Neon Zip-tie Pendant Lamp

Ombre neon zip-tie pendant lamp


Have this unique ombre neon zip-tie pendant lamp for you. You room will be more cheerful because of this colorful chandelier.  The good news is that you will not take long time to make this beautiful lighting.

Crochet Seashell Pendant Lights

Crochet seashell pendant lights


Cover your IKEA light with the crochet made by yourself. Here, you need to learn how to crochet. By this the light will look soft and warm. This design is good to be placed at your favorite room.

Openwork Cube Pendant Light

Openwork cube pendant light


What you need to prepare for this openwork cube pendant light is the wooden stick. Arrange the stick till it become a cube and put the light at the center of it. Hang it over your bedroom as your desire.




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