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15 Beautiful Dried Flowers Ideas to Beautify Your Spring

Spring has arrived and the flowers begin to bloom. Flowers not only can be enjoyed during the spring, by drying or pressing them to ensure you can enjoy their beauty throughout the year. It would also be a great idea for a Spring birthday, a hostess present, or a Mother’s Day gift.

First Thing First

Source : DIY Projects

The basic thing that you need to master before creating, of course, is how to press and dry the flowers correctly. Here are some ways you can choose that to suit you.

Necklace Pendants

Source : Monster Circus

Make these gorgeous, natural pendants easily and inexpensively. They are like a little locket of natural beauty and can be worn as a necklace, hung as an ornament, or would even make a great gift topper.

Source : Beading Gem

Another way of making a pendant is by using a resin. You can color the background or leave it clear.


Source : Brit + Co

This is the right decoration to use on your spring party. To merge both glasses, you just need to make “frame” with copper tape. A perfect way to bring the outside in, not only do they look stunning, but you’ll be creating a work of art that guests will marvel at.

Do you have glass coasters with a raised edge? Immediately grab them and make this botanical coasters.


These magical floral suncatchers can be used for gifts, decor for your next cocktail party, as wedding decorations or just to brighten up your own space.


Source : Home Talk

Use a clear glass container to make this candle so that the dry flower arrangement can be enjoyed. The best thing about self-made candles is that you can add the essential oil of a pink aroma that tones like.

The reminds white christmas candle, can turn into a spring decoration. Stick your favorite dried flowers with hot spoon, and in a flashy time,the dull white candle turns into a spring cheer.

Tea Tray

Source : Say Yes

Here is one way to jazz up your plain white tray. This DIY make a plain tray looks amazing even if you don’t spend a lot of money on the tray itself.

Jewelry Dish

Source : Hearth & Vine

DIY doesn’t mean cheap-looking and these fancy handmade jewelry dishes prove that. this can be a place for keeping your rings or earrings.

Phone Case

Source : Blog Etsy

Preserve the natural beauty of a beautiful bouquet of flowers by creating a DIY pressed flower phone case. Use flowers from a special occasion or your favorite kind to create your design. It won’t be long before your friends are asking you to make them one too.

Wind Chimes

This DIY wind chimes pressed flower might be a bit of a mouthful to say, but it’s certainly a winning craft project in our eyes. A perfect way to embrace the spring.

Framed It

This vintage-inspired pressed flower art would look great in any classic country-inspired cottage. It gives an elegant touch into your home.

Wall Art

Create a gorgeous wall art with pressed flowers. the look of hanging them in clear double glass frames make it a unique decoration in your home.


Source : Robert Mahar

Whether it is a name or an initial, you are free to create any letters. This is a perfect project for birthday, mother’s day or creating a focal point in your house.


Source : Free People

It is flower o’clock, time to create this super easy yet adorable decoration.

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