Are you looking for an inexpensive and unique home decoration for Christmas? Do you need something that is easily to obtain and could potentially bring out your creative side? Or perhaps, you need a simple decoration with less time? DIY Christmas painted rock is the answer.

You can find rocks on your garden or the river bank or even the shore. Those rocks could make the whole space become a little bit more artsy. Some people find rocks that have unique formation or color, but apart from that, the normal flat rocks can be painted and you can use it to design your home for Christmas. Check out these 54 ideas of DIY Christmas painted rock design below.

Pumpking Painting Stone from cookieconnection.juliausher

Red Bird Painting Rock

Christmas Bells Painted Rocks from mydesiredhome

Art Stone Painting

Mandala Rock Painting Trees from casaydiseno

Rock Painting Cartoon Characters

Love Shaped Painting Stone

Gray Pabbles Painting

Animal Painting Stone

Character Painting Stone

DIY Christmas Painted Rock from freshideen

Art Snowflake Painting Stone

Painting Fish Stone from strongdaily

Christmas Reindeer Painted Rocks from ljiljananieder

Glass Christmas Ornaments Painting Ideas from vanchitecture

Halloween Rock Painting Ideas from deavita

DIY Christmas Painting Rock

Stone Painting Designs from freejupiter

Giraffe Painted Rock from thedestinyformula

Black Painting Rock

Canada Themed Painted Rocks

Rock Joker Painting

Christmas Tree Painting Rock from alleideen

DIY Rock Painting

Colorful Painting Rock from goingtotehran

Stone Art Painting

DIY Mandala Painted Rocks from homishome

Mom Rock Painting from designcorral

Craft Pet Rock Ideas from comandir

Santa Claus Rock Painting

Grandkids with Painting Rock Garden fom trucsetbricolages

Green Oval Painting Rock

Colorful Flower Painting Stone

Easy Rock Painting Kids from deavita

Ghost Painting Rock from lifeasmama

Galaxy Painting Rock

Pink Painting Rock

Christmas Rock Painting

Peppa Pig Rock Painting

Rainbow Painting Rock

Christmas Stone Painting Ideas from mydesiredhome

Hallowen Painting Rock

Mountains Painted Rocks

Purple Seashell Painting Rock

Wolf on Rock

Snoopy Cartoon Rock

Hedgehog Pet Rock

Rock Art

Colorful Rock

Pink and White Girly Rock

Blue Fairy Stone Painting

Purple Flower Painting Rock

Blue and White Painting Rock  from livemaster

Snowman and Snowflake Rock from boredart


  1. […] Lovely 54 DIY Christmas Painted Rock Design… […]

  2. […] Lovely 54 DIY Christmas Painted Rock Design / … […]

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