It is still winter, but February will come soon. We can change our home decoration with something bright. Winter decor used to work with earthy colors like brown, cream, grey, and soon. It will be nice to set a chipper mood for the cold days in February with pink and red. You might realize that Valentine’s Day is in February, huh? So, you can improve our calm decor to look brighter. Check out our list below! We have gathered DIY Valentine’s Day wreaths to inspire you.

DIY Simple Construction Paper Wreath

Diy simple construction paper wreath


Look at this! It shows how pure your love is. You can make this craft with your kids. Prepare the supplies; cardstock paper in red and pink, ribbon, scissors, and a stapler. Start by cutting at least nine strips of paper. Each strip will be one heart. Connect the hearts and hang.

DIY Heart-shaped Grapevine Wreath

Show your love everywhere on Valentine’s Day. Using this DIY heart-shaped grapevine wreath is one of the easiest ways. Making this craft is not tricky. You will need a grapevine wreath, two flowers steams, floral wire, and floral wire cutters. Make a wreath by trimming the floral stem to fit around it. See more tutorials here.

DIY Floral Painted Wood Circle Wreath

Get some wood circles from a local store. You will need acrylic craft paint, adhesive laser-cut layering stencils, grapevine wreath, artificial peony, pink artificial rose, faux eucalyptus, and mini paper banners. You can begin this craft by painting the wood discs in white. Then, check out tutorials here.

Yarn Wrapped Heart Wreath

What a lovely wreath! For those who love a simple design, it might interest them. If you want to make it prepare twelve mini plastic rings, variegated yarn in pink and red shades, hot glue, and scissors. Cover the rings with pink or red yarn, and arrange them to make a big heart shape on the wall. See the instructions here.

Vintage-Inspired Lace Wreath

You will need a Styrofoam wreath. Cover it with some cotton lace ribbon. Decorate with Valentine’s Day ornaments like pink polka dot love papercraft, pink ribbon, white feather, or anything you like. Check out the tutorials here and make it in your version.

DIY Pom Pom Wreath

It is the time to show the warmth of love in your home. Let’s make this pom-pom wreath! You will need pom-poms in pink, red, and white. Arrange them in a heart wreath using a glue gun. You can finish this craft in minutes by following the tutorials here.


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