Anyone is busy decorating their home for fall. What about the one who lives in an apartment? He or she will not so busy because the apartment usually is not as large as a house. If you stay in an apartment, you don’t have to buy new furniture to upgrade its look in the fall. Adding some vases of flowers or fall pictures will improve your apartment decor. Just like what a DIY decorator does for her apartment to welcome fall.

Simple ways to upgrade apartment decor this fall 1

Neutral hues are found here and there in this living room. Fall elements are found in some flowers with tiny leaves. The owner of this apartment hangs some simple framed pictures on the wall to fill the empty space. We love sofas with autumn color throw pillows. Furthermore, a blanket is there to show an autumn touch in this neutral room.

Simple ways to upgrade apartment decor this fall 2

This apartment is designed in an open floor layout. The kitchen island with a marble countertop is located next to the living area. The owner also puts some framed pictures and a tiny leaves plant in a pot on the top of the island. This simple decor adds natural and contemporary touches to this kitchen island.

Simple ways to upgrade apartment decor this fall 3

The dining area looks so calm and comfy for fall decoration. We love the picture on the wall that is so elegant. The table decoration is pretty with soft colors here and there. Even, we love the coasters and spoons that look elegant even without a tablecloth. Those elements look pretty on a white rug area. What do you think?

Simple ways to upgrade apartment decor this fall 4

When we come to the bedroom, it will show gorgeous fall decor. A giant framed painting on the dark bench looks so artistic. This simple decor adds a touch of warmth to the room. Furthermore, the bedding style with dark duvet and other earthy colors make this bedroom more welcoming. A tray with a candle and a pot of flowers brings this bedroom to the next level. A round mirror over the bed reflects the beauty of a giant green plant in this room.

Simple ways to upgrade apartment decor this fall 5

Continue our step to the balcony area and we will find an awesome view. The decorator combines a sofa and strips throw pillows beautifully. She puts a green plant on the top of the stool and a bucket of plants on the floor. This space has tiny glass stands that look so enchanting. So, have you got your inspiration from this apartment fall decor?



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