It will be so much easy to decorate a big house for a holiday. But what about decorating a small space? Of course, you are forbidden to install a big evergreen Christmas tree. Find out other ways to beautify your house on Christmas Day with small pieces. Give accessories for your table, bedroom, and other rooms. Let us check out our smart Christmas decoration ideas for the small space below to get more inspiration!

Display Your Collection

Display your collection

You don’t have a big Christmas tree, do you? It doesn’t matter. This picture shows us that a group of tiny faux Christmas tree looks so awesome to be displayed in a tray. Put this collection display for your living room table will be nice.

Cabin-Inspired Retreat

Cabin-inspired retreat

A dark room doesn’t mean to look scary. This bedroom appears warmer with a mix of rich nubby evergreens. The owner adds a rough burlap to get a more welcoming feel. Then, warm star-shaped garland made from twigs complete this room Christmas decoration.

Mini Cutting Tree On The Table

Mini cutting tree on the table

It will be nice to add a mini cutting tree to decorate your room this Holiday. Look at this picture that tells us more about the Christmas spirit from greenery in a vase. You can attain the greenery in your own garden. It is so easy and cheap.

Super Cool Snow Globe

Super cool snow globe

Get a winter scene from a glass cake stand for your table decor. It looks awesome with moss or faux snow that combined well with a faux deer and some Christmas tree. This is simple decor and chic.

Dining Space Decoration For Christmas

Dining space decoration for christmas

In the table, the owner of this house adds a white tree that looks so elegant. Then, it is added with a star and snowman that show a winter feeling. Furthermore, the reindeer structures keep it in Christmas touch along with the red blankets on the chair.

Cool Rope Lighting

Cool rope lighting

See this simple but cool decoration that anyone can afford. Just take a rope and make it the Christmas tree’s base by crocheting it in a circle shape. Then, make it shine by giving some lights. It looks unexpected but so eye-catching as well.


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