Snow globes are really magical and beautiful. It looks like you own the winter wonderland where snow and cold everywhere. Here we show you snow globe ideas you can create at home. All the ideas are collected in Joyful DIY Snow Globes That Will Make You Excited To Welcome This Christmas.

Superhero Snow Globe

Your kids will definitely love to create this snow globe where the heroes are the focal point. The supplies you need to make this snow globe are superhero figures, hot glue, a glue gun, glitter, mason jars, and water. On the inside of the globe, it does not have to be fussy. Besides, you can simply hot flue a small action figure to the center of a mason jar lid. Then you can add glitter and water. Last, screw on the lid. Then you are done!

Flamingo Snow Globe

Flamingo snow globe Joyful DIY Snow Globes That Will Make You Excited To Welcome This Christmas

This tropical-themed snow globe has bright colors that pretty fun to make your snow globe stand out from the crowd. The supplies you will need for this project are a snow globe jar or you can also choose a mason jar, miniature figures (in this picture is flamingo), strong glue, glycerin, water, and glitter or faux snowflakes.

Shot Glass To A Snow Globe

To create snow globe ornaments this Christmas, it does not need to be large and fully functional. Here, you can convert some unused shot glasses into charming snow globe ornaments.  DO not worry because you will not need to drill a hole in the glass. Thus, the supplies you need are pearl shimmer metallic cardstock, buttons, hot glue gun, plastic shot glasses, baker’s twine, glue, 2’’ hole punch, silver spray paint, mini pink or white bottle brush trees, silver pipe cleaners, chunky glitter, mini frosted dollhouse trees, craft paint, white polymer clay, and a black sharpie.

Unexpected Snow Globe

Why do we call this an unexpected snow globe? Yes, it is because the materials to create this snow globe are unexpectedly useful. It needs a clear plastic cup, Christmas tree, wood plaque, wood knob, and small Christmas figurines.

Peanut Butter Jar Snow Globe

If you want to create a snow globe, you will not always be made from glass or other expensive material. This idea inspires you by creating a snow globe with a peanut butter jar. Here you have to wash out the jar and lid really well with soap to remove all of the peanut butter. After dry, you can use some spray paint to cover both the top and bottom of the lid. Do the paint and add another coat. After that, you can put your Christmas accessories inside the jar.



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