Seashells even without any touches are already seen as adorable, unique, and pretty. Can you imagine, how if those seashells are used to make some crafts and decorated by using some additional materials? That will be awesome for sure! From all of the possible crafts that you can make by using seashells, here are 10 interesting ideas of the seashell craft that will be awesome for you. Not only for your home decoration, the ideas that we provided are also including the accessories that you can wear. Not to make you curious, here are those ideas!

Sea Shell Wind Chimes

Wind chime are one of the ornaments that can enhance your decoration so that it looks more festive. Making your own wind chimes at home is an interesting idea to express your creativity. You can make wind chimes using colorful sea shells so they will look beautiful and attractive. Colorful Wind Chimes from Digsdigs.

Sea Shell Planter

Using a sea shell to make crafts is a creative idea that you should try. You can collect sea shells and arrange it into a pot that is beautiful and natural. Then you can use it to plant flowers so that it will present its own charm. Black Sea Shell Planter from Sandandsisal.

Sea Shell Necklace

Necklace is one of the accessories that can enhance your appearance. You can make a DIY necklace using a sea shell so it will look creative and in accordance with your wishes. Choosing to use a pink sea shell and some pearls to make the necklace will look beautiful and stunning. Pink Sea Shell Necklace from Fashionsy

Sea Shell Toy

Try to make a DIY toy to express your creativity at home. Making fish toys using shells is a creative idea that your children will love. Don’t forget to paint the fish toy with colors to make it look more attractive. DIY Sea Shell Toys from Fabulesslyfrugal.

Sea Shell Key Chain

Try your hand at making a DIY key chain to express your creativity. You can make a keychain using a sea shell so it will look unique. Then you can add colorful beaded so it will look more beautiful. Colorful Key Chain from Marthastewart.

Sea Shell Photo Frame

You can do DIY projects to make photo frames. Try making a photo frame using a sea shell to make it look unique with a perfect coastal touch. Then you can add white pearls to make it look more stunning. White Sea Shell Photo Frame from Wonderfuldiy.

Sea Shell Mirror Frame

Completing your home decor with mirrors is an idea that will never fail. You can create a mirror frame using a sea shell so that it will make your mirror look more attractive. Placing a mirror on the table will present a perfect coastal appearance to your decoration. DIY Mirror Frame from Digsdigs.

Sea Shell Lamp Shade

Using a sea shell to complement your home decor will present a refreshing coastal touch. You can use the sea shell to make a lamp shade to make it look more attractive and different from the others. Then you can attach it to your bedroom lamp so it will look perfect. Lamp Shade from Digsdigs.

Sea Shell Garland

Garland is an ornament that you can make yourself at home to complement your decor. Making garland using sea shallow and sisal will give you a natural beach look. Then you can install the garland anywhere you wall so it will stand out even more. DIY Sea Shell Garland from Digsdigs.

Sea Shell Candle Decoration

Candles will provide a beautiful and soothing lighting to your home decor. Placing the candle in the glass jar will make it look classier. Decorating it with sea shell sprinkles will bring out a natural beach feel and can attract the attention of everyone who sees it. Decorative Sea Shell Candle from Digsdigs.

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