We can make many good things from old ceiling fans. Change them into new things to improve your decor. Create crafts from them for indoor and outdoor decor. You don’t need to be a DIY expert. Most of them are easy to make even for a beginner. We have gathered some projects that are made of ceiling fan parts. Let’s check them out further below and get more inspiration.

DIY Rustic Wind Chime

Diy rustic wind chime

Cool huh? This project looks so gorgeous. The crafter uses the top of a ceiling fan to make a rustic wind chime. Pick up a rope and some rings. Arrange the rings on the rope. Check how to make it further here and follow the instructions. Hang this wind chime outside and let the wind blows it every day. 

DIY Glass Organizer

Diy glass organizer

Do you need more organizer stuff for your office nook? What about creating a DIY glass organizer from old ceiling fan parts? First, prepare blocks of wood and make holes. Put fan glass shades in the holes. Those glass organizers will be stable. You can change the color of glass shades by painting. See further instructions here.

DIY Cute Animal Planters

Diy cute animal planters

We can make animal planters using fan blade parts. Cut one fan blade in half. Paint it with animal patterns. Drill a hole in a wooden box. Attach the blade to the box. Then, plant any flowers, succulents, or herbs you want. Feel free to customize the design. See further explanation from Repurposejunkie.

DIY Ladybug

Diy ladybug

A ladybug will make your room more charming. Look at the DIY ladybug above that is made of a fan blade. Cut the fan blade and take the upper part of it. Paint it red. Using a hot glue gun, attach the red fan blade to a wooden plank. Check out more steps here.  

DIY Airplane from Fan Blades

Diy airplane from fan blades

It is so fun to make this airplane with your kids this afternoon. You will need more fan blades. Cut them as the instructions from here. Then, paint them red. Attach them to make an airplane. Ask your kids to make it with you. They will enjoy it so much.

DIY Coffee Sign

Diy coffee sign

Are you a coffee lover? Having a coffee station in your home is good. Make the sign to show where your coffee station is. See how to make it here. You have to prepare the fan blades, paints, and other supplies.



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