What does your pantry look like? A pantry is a place to store dry goods, snacks, and beverages. Usually, it is a space where you can save items that don’t need refrigeration. Pantries can be an entire room or just a tiny part of a kitchen. If you have a small kitchen, you will need a small pantry. So, how to save your goods in a small pantry? You can read our article until the end. Then, choose the best pantry organization that works well for you.

Store Like Items in One Place

Store like items in one place


You will not need a long time to see your needs with this organizational trick. Arrange all types of sauce on one shelf. Put on some beads, seasons, and spices together. So, it will be easy to find whenever you need it. Make your cooking time more effective by storing goods based on the types.

Arrange Cans on Rises

Putting cans on rises will help you to find them easily. Furthermore, those give a decorative look to your kitchen pantry. You can get it anytime. All your canned goods are ready to cook when you don’t have enough time to prepare. Fresh foods are the best, but canned goods are not that bad.

Hanging Pantry Storage


What about this storage style? Hanging goods in the kitchen will save your space. It will give a decorative look too. Hang some oranges on baskets that are arranged vertically. This project is easy to do. However, make sure that you hang those baskets with good-quality rope. So, they will not be easy to fall.

Use Basket to Store Snacks

Do you like eating snacks? Put those delicious goods in a basket. So, you can take it whenever you want. Eating those snacks with friends while watching a movie at home might be fun. You can install multiple baskets to save more snacks in the pantry. 

Save with Labels

If you like to cook, there might be some spices jars in the pantry. Get busy labeling each item to ease you for the next few days. Jars are alike. Need something to ease you finding the spices for your meals? Labeling jars will help you find the right one for any meal you cook.

Clear Containers to Store Foods

Make those foods easy to see in clear containers. So, you can directly notice what foods you want to eat right now. It is a simple trick but very helpful. You can decorate the container with ribbons or stickers too.


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