It feels like summer has a strong relationship with the popsicle. You can’t imagine how it feels to enjoy the popsicle on the sunny days while enjoying the weather. Related to that, having the craft projects using the popsicle sticks as the main material looks really match and feels like it is the right time. Not only to beautify your home but the popsicle stick can also be used to make something more functional like a photo frame. To make it looks more impressive, you can give color to the popsicle sticks and add some other accessories for sure. We have chosen some popsicle stick craft project ideas that you can copy this summer. You can find them in the images below.


Beach-Themed Wall Hanging

Making DIY crafts to complement the summer decorations is an interesting idea that you can try now. Here you can use popsicle sticks to make wall hangings to make them look more creative. Popsicle painted in blue will present the perfect beach look and is suitable for a summer theme. Then you can write beach there with white paint. Adding a seashell there as decoration will make your wall hanging look more perfect with a beach theme.

Colorful Wreath

The wreath is one of the ornaments that you can use to complete any decoration in your home. Choosing to make a DIY wreath using popsicle sticks will present a unique and different look from the others. Don’t forget to paint the Popsicle stick with bright and different colors to make it look more beautiful and festive. Arranging it into a circle will make it look like the sun. Hanging it on the wall will make it the perfect focal point in your home.

Dream Catcher

Complementing home decor with a dream catcher is an interesting idea and you can try it now. A dream catcher made with a DIY project using popsicle stick material will present a very cute look. Popsicles stick painted in bright colors will make your dream catcher look more festive and colorful, making it suitable for summer themes. Having a hexagon shape and decorated with pom-poms, will make this dream catcher look very festive. Hanging it on the wall will bring its own charm to your home and can inspire.

Popsicle Stick Star Craft

Do you have a lot of popsicles stick at home? If so you can play around with it to make summer crafts. Star craft is one of those crafts that you can make yourself at home using a popsicles stick. Painted with a bright color will make this star ornament look brighter and suitable for summer. Decorating it with knick-knack, will make your star ornament look more festive. One is not enough, you can make several star ornaments with different colors and display them together so that it will make your summer more festive.

Popsicle Stick Turtle Craft

There are many things you can do with this popsicle stick, one of which is to use it to make crafts. Turtle is one of the crafts that you can make using this popsicle stick. It’s not enough just popsicle stick here you can use wool yarn too. Then you can string them together to make a beautiful and adorable turtle. These craft ideas are so easy to make and will never fail for a summer theme.

DIY Phone Stand

This phone stand made with a DIY project using popsicle stick material looks creative and very inspiring. Having a bright color tone will make it look more beautiful and suitable for a summer theme. Then you can decorate it with Knick knack to make this phone stand look more beautiful and festive. The snail ornament mounted on the front of the phone stand will make it look more attractive. You can place it on a table so that it is easier to access and can bring its own charm to your home.

Bird Feeder Craft

There are many crafts you can make using popsicles to spice up your summer celebrations. Bird feeder is one of the garden facilities that you can make yourself at home with this popsicle stick. Popsicles stick painted with bright colors will make your bird feeder look more festive and suitable for summer. Having a shape like a bird’s house will make it look more attractive and inspiring. Then you can hang it on a tree so it’s easier for birds to access and still manage to steal the show.

Earring Stand

Do you like creativity? If so, you can make DIY crafts to complement the summer decorations in your home. There are many crafts that you can make, one of which is earring stands. This DIY earring stand is made using colorful popsicle stick material so it will make it look perfect in summer. Has five levels, will make it can be used to store more earring. Placing it on the table manages to present a creative and inspiring look.

Popsicle Stick Pencil Holder

Make your summer more fun than usual. Making DIY crafts using popsicle sticks is an interesting idea that you can try now. Use colorful painted popsicle sticks to make pencil holders by stringing them together using glue. Having a size that is not too big and not too small, will make it look very cute and funny. Adding a flower ornament to the pencil holder will make it look even more stunning. Finally you can place it on the table and use it to display pencils to make it look neater.

Candle Holder

You will never fail to load summer crafts using this popsicle stick. Choosing to make a candle holder is one of the interesting ideas and will never fail in the summer. Having bright colors, will make this candle holder look very bright, festive and perfect in summer. Having a pentagon shape, will make this candle holder look more attractive and very inspiring. Finally, you can place a candle in the candle holder and display it on the table so that it will be a creative summer decoration while providing beautiful lighting.

Airplane Craft

Airplane is one of the crafts that you can present at a summer celebration. Instead of buying it at the store, you can make airplane craft at home with the kids so it’s more fun. Here you can use popsicle sticks that are painted in colorful colors to make airplane crafts so that they will look even more perfect in summer. This DIY craft is very easy to make and very loved by children, therefore you will never fail to try it.

Photo Frame

Instead of buying photo frames at the store, making your own at home is a very creative idea and looks like a lot of fun. You can use a popsicle stick to make this photo frame so it will look different than usual. Assembling using glue will make it stronger and not easily damaged. Having a colorful theme, will make this photo frame look perfect in summer. Equipped with a rope, will make it easier to display by hanging on the wall.

DIY Wall Art

Bring art to summer decorations in your home to make it look more festive and different than usual. Don’t have to buy it in the store! here you can make DIY art using a popsicle stick so it will look more creative at an affordable cost. You can make popsicle art and decorate it with faux flowers and Knick knack to make it look more festive. Displaying it on the wall will make your wall stand out and succeed in inspiring everyone who sees it.

DIY Popsicle Lampion

Lanterns are one of the lighting ideas that you can present in summer decorations. Making DIY lanterns using popsicle sticks is one very interesting idea to try. First you have to prepare equipment such as glue, popsicle sticks, and colorful lights. Then you can start making the lantern skeleton using popsicle and glue so that it is stronger and not easily damaged. Continue by inserting colorful lights into the lantern frame so that it will provide beautiful and stunning lighting. Hanging it on the ceiling, manages to make your summer decorations look very festive.

DIY Popsicle Coaster

Instead of buying them at the store, you can make DIY coasters at home so they will look more creative and inspiring. This DIY coaster is made using popsicle stick material so it’s cheaper but still looks more creative. Having a square shape, it might make this DIY coaster look ordinary. However, the colorful tones on this popsicle stick manage to present a very festive look and look perfect in summer. Adding a polka dot pattern to this popsicle stick coaster manages to make it look really dazzling.

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