There are many home decoration styles that can be adopted. Each style of home decoration has its own characteristics. Whether in terms of furniture, wall decorations, ornaments, accessories, or other decorative items. As well as a nautical home decoration. This is a decoration that is synonymous with a nautical feel or beach style. If you want to adopt a nautical style for your home decor, you can complete it with ornaments that are identical to that style. In this case, you can use paddles to complete your nautical home decor. With some hacks and DIY ideas, you can make the most of your paddles.

Decorative paddles can be used for many purposes, including as a wall rack and a curtain rod. You can also use the paddles as a holder, such as for your towel holder. If you’re looking for a great way to add a nautical theme to your home, consider using a paddle as wall decor. You can even use them as a staircase in your home. For another idea, some paddles can be used as a creative headboard. All you need is just arrange them neatly then install in your bed. Furthermore, here are some pictures for you.

Oars Decor from completely-coastal 

Crossed Oars Wall Decor  from completely-coastal
Paddle Curtain Rod from completely-coastal  Oar Decor Above Bed from completely-coastal  Oars Bedroom Decor from completely-coastal Old Headboard from completely-coastal 

Art Oars from completely-coastal

Old Paddle Bathtub Decor from completely-coastal

Paddle Towel Holder from completely-coastal

Paddle above Fireplacefrom completely-coastal

White Paddle with Hook from completely-coastal

Railing Staircase from completely-coastal

Handrails Paddle from completely-coastal

Paddle Wall Decor above Fireplace from homebnc  Paddle Headboard  from homebnc 

Paddles Entryway Decor from homebnc

Standing Paddle from decorpad Paddle Wall Decor from decorpad Paddle Cross  from decorpad Paint Paddle Wall Decor from decorpad Small Paddle from decorpad Paddle Ornament in Mudroom from decorpad Star Paint Paddle from decorpad Paint Paddle Above Headboard from decorpad White Paddle from decorpad Striped Blue and White Paddle from decorpad Bright Color Paddle from decorpad

Red Paint Paddle Wall Decor from decorpad Blue Paint Paddle from decorpad

Two Paddle Wall Decor from decorpad

Blue and White Cross Paddle from completely-coastal  Pattern Paint Paddle from completely-coastal  Blue and Red Paddle Paint from completely-coastal  Beach Painting Paddle from completely-coastal  Paddle Sign from completely-coastal  Paddle Storage from completely-coastal 

Paddle And Hook Storage from completely-coastal

Black Paint Paddle from homebnc

Pink Paddle from shelternessOld Paddle Ornament from shelterness Four Paddle Wall Decor from shelterness Small Paddle Above Headboard from shelterness Blue Paddle Ornament Dining Room  from shelternessRed Paddle from shelterness Ring Curtain Paddle from shelterness Standing Paddle from shelterness Three Paddle Above Headboard from shelterness Paddle and Wicker Basket from shelterness DIY Paint Paddle from shelterness Paddle and Picture Wall Art from shelterness Vertical Paddle Wall Art from shelterness Green Paddle from shelterness Hanging Paddle Ornament  from shelternessPaddle Mirror Frame from shelterness

Hanging Paddle Ornament from shelterness

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