We all love beach. And some of you are probably dreaming of having a home near the beach. If you still make it happen, don’t be sad. Let’s bring the beach to our home by making one (or more) of these 23 DIY shell projects to give your home a nautical theme!

This DIY is easy to make. all you need is just glue the shell to the pot

Put some shells in jar and illuminate it with string lights

Put a beach-view photo on a box frame, add some shells and sand, and this DIY 3D seashore view is ready

Prepare some pallets, draw a heart-shape in it, glue some shells to cover your draw, and this driftwood background is ready

If you love candle, make this DIY seashell candle!

Cover your string light with shells to make this DIY project

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Turn those seashells into this gorgeous centerpiece that is perfect for gracing the table during the summer months

This little mini aquarium is too adorable, and you can decorate it with those seashells that you have left over from other crafts

If you want to really test your craft skills and use a bit more creativity, this mason jar lamp is the perfect craft for you

Here’s another really unique take on a beach jar. These are so easy to make and are perfect for decorating in any room

Fill your shadow boxes with shells and add in sand or whatever else you want. Mix up the sizes of your shells to really make them unique

Empty up those wine bottles and get creative with these textured beauties

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There is no need to tell you the tutorial to make this DIY shell art canvas, right?

If you love pineapple and shell, make this cute DIY seashell pineapple sign!

Stick some shells and starfish to your candle holder to make this beautiful DIY project

Put some shell to your candle wax to make this seashell candle

Make this DIY centerpiece using round glass candleholder, sand, white votive candle, and of course some shells

Hang this DIY shell wall art to fill your blank wall space

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