Do you love to collect shells when walking by the waves? Bringing seashells home will remind you about the beauty of beaches. Furthermore, you can use them to make crafts. Seashells are pretty. Rather than putting them in a mason jar, you can create many things. From something to wear or anything to improve your home. Don’t let them collect dust for several years. Check out our list below! You will find inspiring ideas to make crafts with seashells.

DIY Beautiful Hair Clip from Seashells

Diy beautiful hair clip from seashells


Make your hairstyle more impressive by adding hair clips from seashells. Collect some seashells from a beach. Attach them to the hair clip using hot glue. Let the seashell hair clips dry. Then, you can wear them to complete your style or give them to your friends as a gift.

Pretty Windchime from Seashells

Display your seashell collection by making a pretty windchime. It will make your porch looks gorgeous. The seashells create wonderful sounds when the wind blows. This project is easy. Just arrange the seashells in a thread and hang them on a wooden branch.

DIY Pottery Net with Shells

Look at the vase above! It looks so beautiful with a seashell net. You can create it as well in minutes. Hang the seashells on the net. Customize the design you love. The vase will add a beach feeling to your living room.

DIY Seashells in Frame

Collect more and more seashells. Arrange them in a box and close them with a frame. Then, display the frame box in the living room. Hang it or let it stands against the wall. It is a super easy project. Even a kid can finish it in minutes. 

DIY Shell and Twine Bottles

Improve your light appearance by adding a shell and rope. It is a simple craft. Anyone can create in less than an hour. Add a beach feeling to your room without spending a penny. These lights will be great for decorating a summer party as well. 

DIY Jewelry Tray Shells

These DIY decorative ouster shells are admiring. They work well to keep jewelry items. Then, they also look so decorative to improve your vanity decor. Saving your rings, earrings, or other items in these tray shells will be great.

DIY Monogram Seashells

Cool, right? You can make your monogram version as well. You will need many seashells. Make the layout. Add glue as much as possible. Then, attach the shells one by one. After the monogram is shaped well and dried, put it in a frame. 







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