Are you looking for some modern home decor? When it comes to the modern home decor, you will be faced with a sleek design, modern furniture and accessories. To change your home decor to the modern one, it would spend your budget. If your house is looking tired and worn out but want to save your budget, consider using modern DIY decor ideas to update your home. In addition to save your money, you will get a unique home design. Moreover, using DIY decor can also make your home feel more special. There are plenty of ways to create a new look at home with modern DIY home decor, from coffee tables, racks, bookshelves, clocks, to planters, from organizing hacks to new paint. You can even make your own decorative signs to decorate your home. If you want to do something truly unique, try painting your own decorative sign. Creating modern home accessories with DIY ideas are a great idea. This is a great way to add personal touch to your home. Try these modern DIY home decor ideas to give your house a whole new look in just a couple of hours.

A Beautiful Mess always has lots of great ideas when it comes to home decor. In the image above you can easily make one using logs and logs. This home decor will provide the perfect corner of fresh air and mid-century modern style. You can add potted greenery to give a fresh and natural touch to the whole room. Circle-Shelf Planter from diys.

Add a little greenery to your walls without losing your modern look. You can use a copper pipe hung on the wall for a pretty room decor idea. Opting for these low-maintenance greenery will create an attractive, simple-looking décor. This design brings out a metallic feel while staying true to your clean and luxurious style. Pair it with a white color scheme on the walls to highlight this tiny plant. Copper Air Plant Holders from diys.

This is an interesting DIY copper storage that steals the attention of many people. This functional hat rack decor brings a touch of modern art to the room. You can easily make it using copper tubing and a rope that has a hook to make it easier for you to store your hat easily. You can place this storage on the wall of the house to present an attractive room decoration. Add fig leaf greenery in a galvanized pot for a beautiful display. Hanging Copper Hat Rack from diys.

Mirrors are a must-have addition to any and every home regardless of style. Choosing this mirror resembles a modern work of art. Using a wire wrapped around this small round mirror will give a beautiful room decor. Making your own will increase your creativity and will give you room decor on a budget. Add a splash to your home dressing room or bedroom with captivating beauty. Starburst Mirror from diys.

To display small pieces on the walls of the house, you can add a homemade honeycomb shelf for an eye-catching room decor idea. Opting for unused wood or using this oak will provide a low budget décor. Choosing this shelf will look trendy and will make it easier for you to store various ornaments and small green plants in pots. This shelf also makes a chic statement on the wall. Honeycomb Shelves from diys.

With this functional wall art, it will make the room decoration beautiful and steal the attention of many people. You can make this minimalist wall clock easily and easily according to what you add to your home. Use oak to make a beautiful wall clock that will catch your eye. Hanging on the wall of this house will produce interesting room decorations for you to try. DIY Wall Clock from diys.

It is a great addition to any kitchen or home office. Applying a mesh board to the wall and adding some posters or memos will make for a beautiful and attractive room decor. Making your own will increase your creativity and will result in low budget room decor. Small lights tucked into the mesh board will also provide dramatic and interesting lighting for you to try. Steel Mesh Board from diys.

Wreaths are a modern addition to a beautiful home décor. Make your own using black metallic paint and add lavender flowers and a wooden plank with the words “Welcome” this will make a beautiful decor and welcome your guests attractively. This decor gives a more contemporary touch and will give it a unique look. Placing it in the home kitchen close to the cooking utensil storage will give a trendy kitchen design. Hoop Wreath from diys.

You can make your dressing table a little more organized. Making your own this minimal beauty dock will keep things neat and tidy but in a contemporary and lovingly modern way. You can use perforated oak and round mirrors for a unique and eye-catching look. Putting it on this dressing table will also produce an attractive and eye-catching room decoration. DIY Beauty Dock from diys.

This 3D hanging mirror will steal people’s attention when they are in the dining room. Making your own will save your budget while boosting your creativity. Choosing a small mirror that hangs on the wall will give a beautiful room decor and will steal the show. In addition to a mirror, you can add artwork and a hat that hangs on this wall to create a beautiful room decoration and become the focal point of the room. 3D Hanging Mirror from diyjoy.

This wooden nightstand next to the bed will make it easier for you to store various collections of books and your cellphone. Choosing this decoration is easy for you to make by using scrap wood to make this cute little nightstand. You can repaint it in a darker color to provide the perfect contrast. This pastel blue painted wall will give a beautiful room design and steal the show. DIY Rustic Nightstand from diyjoy.

This homemade mirror decor from a reclaimed wood frame would make a beautiful and attractive decor. It’s easy for you to make using reclaimed wood for low budget decor. This decoration is easy for you to try so it will increase your creativity. Place this mirror in a corner of the house and add a wicker basket for a neat blanket storage idea. DIY Wood Framed Mirror from diyjoy.

This DIY metal wall lattice is easy for you to make to increase creativity and save the budget for decorating this room. Painting the black wall grid will present a room decor that contrasts with the walls of this room. Place it on the wall of the house and you can put accessories, photo collections, memos and wall clocks to give it an attractive look.  DIY Metal Wall Grid from diyjoy.

This DIY leather magazine rack steals the attention of every guest who comes to your home. You can make your own from the leather that is in the hole and you can hang it on the wall to make a beautiful room decoration. This will make it easier for you to store magazines on the walls of this house. Complete the decor with some ornaments and potted green plants for a charming room decor idea. DIY Leather Magazine Rack Holder from diyjoy.

This handmade modern home decor will make any room decor beautiful and will make it easier for you to place some greenery in a pot. This easy stair rack made using oak will give it a sleek and charming look. Adding some greenery in this colorful terracotta pot will give it a fresh look and look more charming. In addition to ladder shelves, you can also make ladder shelves for easy blanket storage ideas. DIY Ladder Plant Stand from architectureartdesigns.

This wooden bench gives a sophisticated look and feels comfortable for you to try on your patio decor. Making your own will save your budget while boosting your creativity. Choosing solid wood and painted to make it new will also give the room a beautiful look and will steal the attention of every guest. Place this bench on your patio and add some potted greenery for a cozy room decor idea. DIY Wooden Bench from architectureartdesigns.

This unique living room decoration idea using a coffee table made of wooden crate painted in gray will produce a beautiful room decoration and steal the attention. Making it yourself will give you a low budget room design. Adding a succulent plant in the middle of this table will also make the room design beautiful and give a fresh impression to the entire room. DIY Crate Coffee Table from homebnc.

DIY is easy to remember this memory, you can use a collection of past photos in your home lampshade. Making it yourself using an old photo pasted on this lampshade will result in a charming room design. Choosing yellow lighting will also make the room decor dramatic and inviting. Placing the lamp on the table next to this sofa will give it a beautiful look and steal the show. DIY Photo Lamp from homebnc.

If you have an unused wooden chest, you can use it to make a beautiful, eye-catching bookshelf. Stacked vertically in the corner of the house and you can add several collections of books, this will result in a neat and uncluttered room decor. This natural color will also create a natural look and steal the attention of every eye.  Own Stacked Crate Bookshelf from homebnc.

The coffee table in this armchair will make it easier for you to put a cup and a green plant in a pot together. You can make your own by making use of the oak trees around you and making coffee-shaped furniture that sits on the arm of the sofa. Its sleek and clean design will result in a beautiful and eye-catching room design. Arm Sofa Coffee Table from homebnc.

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