Do you have broken or worn-out umbrellas? Do not throw them away because you can make them more valuable. Check the ideas on Stupendous Ways To Upcycle Old Umbrellas For Any Uses

Umbrella Handle Reading Lamp

Umbrella handle reading Stupendous Ways To Upcycle Old Umbrellas For Any UsesUmbrella handle reading Stupendous Ways To Upcycle Old Umbrellas For Any Uses


If you have an umbrella with a beautiful wooden handle, this DIY project is the best way to show it off. That beautiful wooden handle is the only part worth salvaging. You can transform the hook of the umbrella handle to hang on the wall wherever you need it. Gorgeous, right?

Hanging Umbrella Lamp

Hanging umbrella lamp Stupendous Ways To Upcycle Old Umbrellas For Any Uses


Look at this perfect composition yet simple but delicate-looking hanging light. it has a string of little white lights and vintage or lacy umbrella. Here, the twinkle lights will shine through the material giving off a soft glow. On the other hand, a fancy umbrella completes the room to have an aesthetic vintage touch.

Floral Door Hanger

Do you have an old umbrella where the inside frame is broken so it no longer holds itself up and out? This up-cycling idea is great to repurpose your broken umbrella for a more valuable purpose. Here, you can place a pretty bouquet of fresh or silk flowers inside the umbrella. Then, you can hang it on the door. It will look so beautiful and can be done by keeping the umbrella closed.

Double Umbrella Pendant Light

It is an up-level DIY project with old umbrellas. Here you can use two umbrellas facing each other to make dome shades. It is great that will give kitschy look for a brighter kitchen. Besides, for this project, you are suggested to use transparent umbrellas, so the light will perform maximum.

Umbrella Handle Wall Hanger

If you have an umbrella handle but you do not need another reading light, why not make yourself a hooked coat or clothing hanger instead as seen in the picture above? It is so lovely where you can see the idea of mounting it on a wooden backing. You can use this to hang your jackets, long sleeves, and others.

Umbrella Skirt

Looking for something more creative to up-cycle umbrella? Here is the umbrella skirt idea. You can use the swishing material, embrace the arching shape of the umbrella along the bottom, and leave the plastic frame ends around the edges to really give it some character.


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