Do you spend much time in front of the mirror? If your answer is yes, you need to have a different mirror. It is the one that made by yourself with beautiful design. So, the mirror is not only reflected your body overall but also gives aesthetic value for your room. Here are some inspirations of DIY mirror for you;

Minimalist Floor Mirror

Minimalist floor mirror

If you are a newbie in term of DIY, this style may fit for you. Having this mirror is suitable for you who live in a small room. It doesn’t need more time and budget, but need more space.

Bottle Cap Mirror

Bottlecap mirror

This is an interesting design for your mirror. You need to collect some caps of some bottles.  Use glue and adhere it one by one till cover the side of the mirror.

Egg Carton Flower Mirror

Egg cartoon mirror

The egg carton is a great thing that can be transformed into another form. One of them is egg carton mirror. Cut the carton and shape it like flower and apply it to your mirror.

Glass Germ Mirror Frame

Glass gem mirror

It is a beautiful and elegant design of mirror for you. Pretend that you are a princess with this. Use round glass and arrange the germ around it.

Sunburst Mirror

Sunburst mirror

This mirror is easy to be made by yourself. Use bamboo stick to make the sunburst effect. Adhere it on the wall and place the mirror in the middle of it. The cost is only around $10 but you will see the best result.

Flower Decorated Mirror

Flower decorated mirror

Choose some flower you like. By using glue and adhere the flowers at side of the mirror. Arrange it as your desire to be.  Then, see the result. Its amazing right

Hollywood Style Mirror


When you like to give a new touch at your room, this glamour mirror can be the best choice. It is not only classic but also elegant. You will love to see yourself reflected by this Hollywood style mirror.

Pottery Barn Inspired Mirror

Pottery barn inspired mirror

This is a fun project with low budget for you. Prepare some plywood and mirror tile, put them together. The style looks fabulous and pretty. Moreover, for you girls who like to spend your time in front of a mirror.

Entryway Plywood Mirror

Entryway plywood mirror

Try this mirror to be placed at entry way of your house. It looks good for a small place to give minimalist look. With some storage beside the mirror, you can put anything you want.



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