Spring has come, the weather is getting warmer and the leaves begin to green. Let “save” the green leaf color by bringing it into your home. There are many DIY projects that you can do with the leaves. So do not wait until summer comes, start now to bring green freshness into your home decor.

Framed Art

This artwork is very easy to do but produces amazingly beautiful results. You just need frames, palm leaves and creativity to make it.

Leaf Backdrop

Source : B Loved

We love the gorgeous shadows and silhouettes created by skeleton leaves. You can adding a splash of color for some fun decor for your wedding, party or even home

Wall of Leaves

This project is super budget friendly. Most of these items you will have on hand at home or can adjust with things that you already have. What’s even better is that this art work is so very easy to complete.

Clay Leaf Bowls

Source : Urban Comfort

With Air-dry clay and leaves around, you can make this leaf bowl. They have a good size for small things, such as jewelry or desk supplies. You can leave it white, color it in green or even choose another color according to your decor


This wreath is meant for Christmas, but do not make it as limit to your creativity. You can replace it with a spring decoration that suit you. That is what DIY for. To make anything as you want.

Pressed Leaf Wall Art

Add the spring luxury into your home with the leaves of your favorite ornamental plant for this craft. Look for thin and thin varieties with low moisture content. Choose clean, dry leaves free of stains.

Leaves Stamped Napkin

Source : All Things G & D

You don’t have to spend much for a gorgeous spring rustic table. Just use gold paint and leaves to stamp cream colored napkins and viola! everyone will talked about it.

Stepping Stone

Source : Wonderful DIY

Making your own stepping stones is a practical and fun way of upgrading your home. The leaf-shaped stepping stones shown here would look great in any environment as they lead family and friends up the garden path. They’ll stand the test of time as they’re made from durable materials yet they’re inexpensive and easy to make.


With instantly pressed leaves, you can easily dress this magical beauty and hang it at a surprising height for a decent piece to chat on your dining table.

Into The Candle

Make scented candles with herb leaves you like and add the appropriate essential oil. It can refresh your room as well as beautiful decoration.

Candle Holder

This candle holder can be a perfect center pieces for your spring dining table. Wrap glass candle holders in textured plant leaves (you can use hostas and -for some stripes-calathea), and your meal will have the feel of the tropics, no matter your latitude.

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