Hi everyone, how are your latest DIY projects going? Staying indoors and keeping safe is the perfect time to turn your house into a cozy home.

Remember, the décor in your living room is just as important as its furniture. When you are preparing for guests, strive to create a welcoming and warm vibe. Below are a few easy tips for eye-catching pieces that will liven up your home and bring that warmth to you and your guests. 

Spruce up Your Entrance

Your entryway is important. Your guests will see everything here first, and as we all know, first impressions are the lasting ones. When decorating your living room, start with this space, and ask yourself what will bring positive attention to it? You could put up a mirror, a nice lamp or special artwork. It should be the starting point of your guests’ journey as they move about your living room.

DIY Tip: The entryway could also have something as simple as a nice mat, or guest house shoes. If you find your coat rack is getting crowded, see which items can be removed to make room for the guests’ coats when they visit.

Décor that exudes Calm

A simple thing to add to any space that brings a sense of calm is an aromatic candle. Besides being beautiful, these small décor pieces will add cozy light and a feeling of relaxation to your living room. Candles are fairly affordable, so it’s easy to spruce up a guest space without changing too much of your original décor.

DIY Tip: If you have small children, replace candles with calming LED lights. They can work just as well.

Spaces that Encourage Creativity

Emphasize crafting areas as much as possible, but still in a relaxing way. If you have guests over, a corner where kids can keep busy and quiet is brilliant. You might add a small, low table with books and coloring pencils, for example. Have a box with craft supplies next to it for easy access.

Corners for Coziness

Reading and picture-book corners encourage quiet. Your child learns to relax in a non-digital way, but it still stimulates their mind. Set up a corner with a throw pillow, rugs, and blankets. You may find that more than one family member will enjoy this cozy space.

DIY Tip: Lighting does a lot to enhance the mood of a room. Choose soft lighting for this area of your house and warm color arrangements that encourage a sense of tranquility.

Details for a Soothing Environment

It’s no wonder that so many homeowners are getting into plants as a hobby. When we tend to plants, it soothes our own self, and nurturing nature has another benefit: your home grows more bright and beautiful each day! A simple way to decorate your living room space is to add seasonal indoor plants.

DIY Tip: If you aren’t such a green thumb, a collection of mini cacti might do. However, you may find that it’s not so difficult to learn to cultivate other varieties, such as orchid blooms. However, you could always opt for fake plants, or DIY handmade flowers for an aesthetic garden feel.

Décor that keeps everything organized

Organizational décor will be your best friend when it comes to your living room. There are pieces to match every style and budget. Think woven wicker baskets to keep everything organized below, or bracket shelves to lift things up and free up floor space. Floating accent shelves give a feeling of lightness and airiness to a small living space.

DIY Tip: Personalized keychains are a great way to show your personality, art, and keep your house keys organized.

Furniture that converts from work to play

Today’s “new normal requires us to work and relax within our home surroundings. This can be a hard task if your décor feels disorganized. Try to select furniture that serves over one purpose, like a modular sofa. It could convert from a work table to a gaming table, for example. Or, your sofa, where the lounge would then extend with a table where you have video conferences.

Pieces that show off your loved ones’ skills

Got kids who come home from school every day with new artwork? Once a week, take some time to sort through their drawings, then set up a wall for display. You can find cheap art frames or mounts in DIY shops, and turn your own living room into a mini art gallery. Check out our post on DIY ideas for your kids rooms!

DIY tip: Even if you do not consider yourself an artist, have a go with some canvas and acrylics. Even a single block of color or two blended shades can spruce up a wall and give it life.

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