You and me even most of the people often throw the caps after opening the bottle. Meanwhile, who knows that a bottle cap can turn into a gorgeous craft for your home where anyone will love to copy. Therefore, here are the ideas of out-of-the-box bottle cap craft that can be the DIY kids’ project and the adults at once.

Bottle Cap Photo Frame Magnets

Bottle cap photo frame magnets DIY Out Of The Box Bottle Cap Craft Ideas That Kids And Adult Can Create Together


This bottle cap photo frame magnets are unique and cute. Collect the bottle cap and paint the inside of the caps with two coatings of white hobby paint. After that, cut your printed photos in circles with the same dimensions as its cap. Then, after the color inside the caps had dried, you may drip a little bit of glue in the middle and glued your photos in place. Next, turn the caps around and glue the magnets to the back. Beside magnets, you may use to glue the thumbtacks.

Bottle Cap Owl

Bottle cap owl DIY Out Of The Box Bottle Cap Craft Ideas That Kids And Adult Can Create Together


An owl is always popular as a craft. Then now you can have the owl craft by a bottle cap. You can create this craft with your kids at home by recycled bottle caps. All the materials you need are jar lid, bottle caps, buttons, large paper clip, can pull tabs, hot glue gun, metal clippers, white spray paint or brown, and twig.

Beautiful Backsplash

It is definitely a gorgeous backsplash with doodads, beads, and bottle caps. You will need to make this are thick plywood, jigsaw, grout, glue, sponges, beads, dominos, gems, bottle caps, tiles, small mirrors, and seashells.

Upcycled Vintage Bottlecap Tray

Do not limit this creation on kids’ play world. You can even create a vintage tray with a bottlecap like this. The materials you need to create this are a wooden tray, craft paint, liquid nails, bottle caps, painter’s tape, made grout, sponge, and a small float.

Chic Bottlecap Table

You will need many supplies to create this chic bottlecap table but it will give you a worth table is labor-intensive than most of the bottlecap projects. One thing for sure, this is a pretty inexpensive project because all the supplies are pretty affordable. The materials are screwdriver, screws, sponge, bucket, grout float, grout, painters’ tape, paint, saw, circular saw, trim nailer and nails, wood putty or plastic, wood glue, liquid nails, heavy-duty construction adhesive, plywood, pieces of pine wood, hundreds of bottle caps, and of course table.

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