The way we set up a kitchen shelf will influence the kitchen’s decor overall. It deals with the idea that the kitchen shelf will display some ingredients, fragile items, or any other things related to cooking. This shelf is aimed to ease the owner to reach the dining essentials needed. How we add kitchen shelves can pose a bit of a conundrum when do not do it in a better way. In this section, we give tips to set up kitchen shelves. Check out!

Open Shelving Farmhouse Kitchen

Open shelving farmhouse kitchen

With open shelves in the kitchen, it will be much easier for anyone to reach any plates or glasses they want. Furthermore, those shelves enhance the decor with awesome displays. The space looks more airy and serene with this open shelving style. No matter in a small or large kitchen space, the shelves will work well.

Fun Floating Shelves

Fun floating shelves

For a tiny kitchen, fun floating shelves is the solution to have more storage space. The drying rack is set upper the washing area, so it will be easier for the owner to keep this kitchen clean and neat. Furthermore, the combination of wire, wood, and stainless steel here looks nice and stylish. Overall, this is an eclectic storage space that anyone can adopt.

Maximize Wasted Space

Maximize wasted space

Just make sure that you have maximized any space in your small kitchen. In this picture, we see a small double shelf tucked at the end of the kitchen countertop in a cool way. You can adopt this style for your own kitchen. This small addition upgrades the kitchen decor to look chunkier and more welcoming. The owner can keep meals receipts book on the shelf as well.

Hanging Shelf Over The Cooking Area

Hanging shelf over the cooking area

We don’t have to make kitchen shelves that are mounted on the wall. Try another option, like a hanging shelf over the cooking area. It eases you to reach the ingredients and or seasons you need. Furthermore, it appears more eye-catching. No worry. This project only needs wooden planks and something to hang such as rope or wire.

Cabinet and Shelves Storing System

Cabinet and shelves storing system

The shelving system in this kitchen looks so gorgeous. It combines stacked cubbies and wire shelving in one area. So, it creates more storage space. The owner also add more baskets that can be used for saving hand towels or other things. All the things are arranged well. Overall, this kitchen looks so neat and clean with an awesome storage system.


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