It is time to do the kitchen decor update by retouch your kitchen shelving design. Here we show you a complete collection of kitchen shelving ideas you can do at home. All ideas are collected on Easiest And Effective Ways To Do To Update  Kitchen Shelving Design You Should Know.

Restyle Kitchen Shelving Often

It is good to style your kitchen shelving ideas by keeping your color palette simple for a more streamlined look. After that, you can also put your houseplants with different textures, group items in clusters of three. Last, you can ensure that you have enough variation of heights so your eye is drawn across the entire shelf.

Rethink Your Best Open Shelving Look

Rethink your best open shelving look Easiest And Effective Ways To Do To Update Kitchen Shelving Design You Should Know

If you think that open shelving is only for farmhouse style, this look will probably change your perception. You can consider using gold and brass finishes in a more modern pattern that perfect for a modern presentation.

Add Open Shelving Above The Sink

It is popular in most traditional kitchen layouts to have a shorter cabinet placed above the sink. Moreover, it gives you an airy feel and ideal storage space for dish soap and anything you do not mind being exposed to humidity from the sink.

Incorporate Live-Edge  Shelving For Rustic Look

You can style your floating shelves with a bit more on the edgy or eclectic side in a farmhouse-style kitchen you often see the shelves made from reclaimed or stained wood. Here you can see live-edge shelves that are slabs of wood. The time of the bark is still visible which ready to add more rustic charm to your kitchen.

Open Shelving Featuring Hanging Store

If you want your floating shelves to look feels balanced and symmetrical, you can have open shelving surrounds a range hood evenly on both sides.

Open Shelving Work In A Corner Space

By seeing this idea, you can see an easy enough way to run open shelving along an entire wall and stop it at the end. Besides, you can consider creating a right angle and make use of the corner space too. You can use the space for microwaves and other less attractive kitchen gadgets.

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