There are many ways to decorate a kitchen in order to welcome Christmas. You will need a red bow, jar, greenery, and other Christmas decorating elements. Decorate the kitchen will improve its look and boost your mood to cook any meals you want for Christmas. Ask your family to help you. Here we show you ideas to decorate your kitchen in the holiday spirit that will so festive. Check them out further below!

Simple Garland Decor For Christmas Decor

Simple garland decor for christmas decor

This kitchen is decorated in a simple Christmas decor. The garland above the stove looks so festive and clearly shows us about a holiday spirit. Furthermore, the tiny faux Christmas tree looks so cute as well. The owner lets the room in white to appear elegant but festive.

Blue Christmas Kitchen Island Decor

Blue christmas kitchen island decor

Christmas Day is not just about red and green, you are free to install a blue color as well. This kitchen island with blue bows and green wreaths in each chair looks so festive. Further, the blue royal color makes this area appears more luxurious.

Santa Clause Chair Backs in the Kitchen

Santa clause chair backs in the kitchen

This kitchen is nice with a black stove and neutral colors around. Then, the designer adds Santas’ hats to cover the chairs. Then, it looks so festive dramatically. So, if you want to get a Christmas spirit without spending much money, you can copy this idea.

Open Kitchen Shelving Christmas Decor

Open kitchen shelving christmas decor

Look at the open shelving in this kitchen that decorated well in the Christmas spirit. The owner adds some greeneries and pinecones. It looks so cool with snowflakes as well. You do the same way to your kitchen as well.

Metal Christmas Pitcher Above the Stove

Metal christmas pitcher above the stove

What makes this kitchen so festive is the pitcher above the stove. It has laid red bows and greeneries. Then, the wreath in gingerbread shape looks so cute as well. It such a gorgeous combination of red, white, and green Awesome!

Garlands and String Lights

Garlands and string lights

See the bay window that appears so festive with garlands and string lights over it. The kitchen is white. So, any decor will work well for it. Even it is only single greenery, the festive feeling appears more here. What do you think?

Wreaths on the Back of Kitchen Bar Chairs

Wreaths on the back of kitchen bar chairs

Wreaths are the most common decor elements that easy to make. This kitchen uses green wreaths at the back of kitchen bar chairs for Christmas decor with a cute bow. Feel free to customize the wreath’ size too.


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