Christmas Day will be more fun if we create some Christmas ornaments by our hand. There are various Christmas accents that we can make easily. You might find them in your neighbor’s house. You can make Christmas ornaments as well to show your personal feel. In this article, we are going to show you creative ideas of felt Christmas ornaments that anyone can make in fiew hours. Let us check them our further!

Creative Embroidery Ball

Look at the embroidery balls in the picture that so cute and chic for a Christmas tree. You need to make the patterns one by one. It might be time-consuming but the result will be so much interesting. Your Christmas tree will appear more festive with some embroidery felt balls.

Felt Christmas Tree

Felt christmas tree

This cute felt Christmas tree will never go out of style. Even if Christmas Day is already left, this ornament still applicable for all seasons. Hang this felt Christmas tree in your windows or doors or anywhere in your house. Feel free to combine it with other ornaments too.

Scandinavian Felt Ornament

There are some people who love bright things for Christmas. However, it is not a few people who love neutral color as well. These Christmas ornaments are awesome in neutral colors. For the one who adores Scandinavian Christmas ornament, this idea will be so interesting.

Monogram Felt Ornament

Hang these monograms in the Christmas tree to add more personal touches. Make one for each family member. Add other felt ornaments to complete your Christmas decoration. If you love a classic thing, this idea will be much interesting for you.

DIY Felt Owl

See this cute owl that will work well for any season. It doesn’t matter to use this felt owl all year long. Give a nest made of old branches to hang this owl in a Christmas tree. Ask your kid to make this DIY felt owl with you this week. It will be a nice activity to do.

Felt Whale Ornament

This is a nice craft that anyone will love. See the whale that looks so cute in this picture. It is made of white felt that anyone can make easily. Even, a DIY newbie will finish this super cute felt whale in less than an hour.

Simple Felt Ornament for Christmas

Simple felt ornament for christmas

In this picture, we see there are felt ornaments with handwriting that looks so modern and minimalist. If you love a simple thing but cool, these felt ornaments may interest you.

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