What do we need to make a living space look extra cozy? Yup. We can add a pouf. It has been so popular for many years for designers and homeowners. Then, it will become a trend for the future years. Well. Should we buy a pouf to make our living space looks better? No, we shouldn’t. We can make it at home in several minutes. Check out our list below! You will see homemade pouf ideas to make it easy and cheap.

DIY Burlap Coffee Bag Ottoman

Diy burlap coffee bag ottoman


You will need one standard burlap coffee bean bag to make this pouf. Get a large-eye yarn needle and multicolored yarn. You can use natural hemp twine too. Use colorful embroidery threads to make tassels. Don’t forget to prepare scissors and some tape measure. Follow the instructions here.

Homemade Drum Floor Pouf

Look at the drum floor pouf in the picture! You can have the same thing soon. Get the supplies to make it; 2 yards of upholstery fabric, piping trim, scissors, iron, a 22’’ zipper, craft paper, and beanbag filling. Check out how to make it from Abeautifulmess.

Homemade Drop-Dead Denim Pouf

Don’t throw away your jeans! Use them to make a beautiful denim pouf. You will need denim scraps in different shades. Make sure you have cut them out in equal sizes. Prepare an 18’’ round template and a 5’’ round template. You will work with scissors, a sewing machine, a ruler and pencil, straight pins, needles and thread, and stuffing. Customize your pouf with embroidery thread and dimensional fabric paint. See Michelemademe know more about how to make a drop-dead denim pouf.

DIY IKEA Pouf Hack

It is a super easy project that you can finish in minutes. Prepare a 1,5-yard fabric in any pattern you like. Then, get scissors to cut it out. Follow the instructions from Kristimurphy to make a rectangular pouf cover. After that, cover your IKEA footstool. We believe you can finish this project in less than an hour.

DIY Rainbow Floor Pouf

To make this rainbow floor pouf, you will need ½ yard pieces of different colors of fabric. You can use linens or old scarves. Make sure that all of them are equal. Use 1-yard neutral linen and 3 ½ yards of duck cloth for making the structure. Then, grab straight pins, fabric scissors, thread, and a sewing machine. You will need two bags of bean bag filling, a hand-sewing needle, and two buttons. Check out here to see how to make a DIY rainbow floor pouf. 


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