Are you someone who craves calmness and comfort in your house— the sort of pleasant tranquility that makes you feel in the right environment? Some places ooze this coziness, while in others, you can create it for yourself by making simple changes in your surroundings. But how to do it? 

There is no need to brainstorm about those changes or call an expensive interior designer; we have made the process of making your home welcoming and cozy extremely easy for you. 

Use the below-mentioned ways and tips to make your house look happy, warm, safe, and inviting.

1. Add some artistic touch 

You can never go wrong with art when it is about making your house look cozy and full of warmth. 

Having arts pieces on the walls confers a welcoming feeling to your house. Besides wooing your guest, surrounding yourself with impactful art positively impacts your mental health. 

Looking at art pieces reduces stress and makes you happy. So art has aesthetic as well as mental health benefits. Also, hanging art pieces on the walls reflects your distinct personality and outlook on life. But choose the art you feel good about. 

The more you surround yourself with the stuff you like, the happier you feel living in that place and the cozier it feels to be there.

2. Declutter your house 

Another way to make your home feel cozy and inviting is by decluttering it and putting the extra stuff in a storage unit. Everything that you don’t immediately can be kept in a storage unit. 

Some people declutter to make it more spacious; others do it to create space in the house for renting out some portion of it. 

In cities like Lewes, Delaware, which are overrun by tourists, residents provide living space to tourists. Therefore, Lewes de storage units are becoming a popular choice as homeowners make space for renting out rooms by decluttering their houses. Residents advertise their spare rooms on apps like Airbnb and make some money. 

Decluttering is important because having too much stuff in the house is stressful. The more things you have, the more dust it will attract. Hence, you will need more cleaning to keep your home in shape. However, clutter does not always mean the old and broken stuff in the house. 

Often it implies that you have more stuff than required. For instance, you might be cramping your living room with more furniture than there is space. 

The same goes for kitchen items: appliances, crockery, etc. Once you take all this stuff out, you will have more space to manage the essentials in the house. 

3. Make the entrance of your house more inviting

Now that you have put the extra stuff in a storage unit, you must start by adorning the entrance of your house. Arrange potted plants around the main door to make it more attractive and appealing. 

If you have enough space around your home, you can hire a landscaper to revamp your house with trees, exotic flowers, and grass. 

The front of the house is a sneak peek into how you live your life and how you have decked up the inside of your home. Adding plants at the front means you are a nature lover and care about the environment.

4. Put some throw blankets

You might have the best and most attractive furniture in the house. But often, furniture projects a rigid ambiance. 

There is a way to make your furniture look comfier and your space homelier. Find some nice throw blankets and put them in your living room and bedroom. Adorn them on one side of the sofa/couches or at the foot of the bed. 

Make sure to coordinate these blankets with the other accessories in the surroundings where you are putting these blankets. 

5. Display items that remind you of your childhood

A glimpse of your childhood memories is the easiest way to cozy up your house. Childhood is when you are most loved and cared for by your parents. 

Having some memories and items from that time on display makes you reminiscence the good old times. These things carry warm energy, exude comfort, and bring back happy memories of the past. 

6. Keep your house clean

You cannot succeed in your decorative efforts if your house is not clean. 

A messy house with stained floors and walls never looks welcoming and comfy. And, it is impossible to feel relaxed in a cluttered and overstuffed place. 

If you desire comfort, start by cleaning your personal space; mop the floors; dust the curtains, remove cobwebs from the nooks and crannies, and polish the washroom. 

Always ensure that the covers of the cushions on sofas and beds are clean, bed sheets are washed and pressed, and towels are kept clean. Make your space worthy of spending time and snuggling into.

7. Add more lighting

Only a few things have more power to make your house look comfy and inviting than adding lights. Insufficient light makes your home dreary and less welcoming. 

Make sure to add some warm glow in the shades of gold and white, which promotes relaxation. Any space can become welcoming by adding well-placed lights, lamps, string, and battery-powered lanterns. 

In addition, add pendant lights and chandeliers at various places to make some areas brighter than others. If you have the budget, install dimmers to adjust the brightness of the lights depending on your mood. 

8. Accentuate the fireplace

If you have a fireplace in the house, highlight this spot by decorating it with decorative lights, vases, photo frames, and candles. But don’t try to adopt a set pattern to decorate the fireplace. Instead, find pieces that go with your style and taste, coordinate various pieces with each other, and complete the look with a bigger piece, such as a mirror or a painting above it. 


Your physical space reflects your individuality and how you feel. Decorate your space so that it exudes comfort and promotes relaxation. 

If it means taking out stuff and decluttering it, don’t hesitate. For convenience, follow the tips mentioned above to make your house cozy and inviting. 

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