The first area that will impress your guest this holiday is your outdoor decoration. What should be put on there? Some of Halloween mascots. Adding some cute ghosts or creepy skeletons will improve your outdoor decor with Halloween feels or other Halloween crafts. So, what are you waiting for? Halloween will come soon. In this section, we recommend you to DIY your outdoor for Halloween. Check out these ideas further!

Halloween Spell With Pumpkins

Halloween spell with pumpkins


Show your happiness to welcome Halloween by creating this homemade decor. It will need three pumpkins arranged vertically. However, you should decorate them firstly. Use paint to scrabble letters by using paint. This project will not take a long time and is so easy to do.

Graveyard Outdoor Look

It will need several hours to make these tombstones for your outdoor Halloween decor. However, it will create a spooky look at night. Some tombstones, little ghosts, and bats will complete this outdoor with a Halloween feel. Ask your kids to decor your outdoor area too.

Creepy Skeletons In The Yard

Make lawn skeletons in your yard will add a creepy feel. Furthermore, if you put these skeletons in front of your tombstones. It seems like the skeleton is alive to catch you. This project is easy to make and will need several minutes to finish. But, the result will not make you upset.

DIY Scary Eyeballs In The Yard

These giant bloodshot eyes will improve your decor to the next level. What comes to your mind when you enter a yard with those eyeballs that look at you sharply. You might scream as loud as you can. You will need a smaller ball and a bigger one. Then, paint them to look like bloodshot eyes.

DIY Halloween Lantern

First of all, you need to make the frame with a mirror and wood. Then, create the Halloween mascot silhouettes on vellum paper. Then, insert it into the frame. Add a bulb to make it bright at night. So you can see the silhouettes. Hang some frames in your front area or garden.

DIY Glowing Pods In The Garden

These illuminated paper mache lights will keep your garden looking creepy all night long. Hang as much as you need to show a Halloween feel better to your outdoor area. Ask your kids to make these cute and creepy pods with you. Then, show them that Halloween is fun.  Feel free to add other Halloween crafts like eyeballs or bats.

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