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We all wish to have beautiful and organized homes. It makes daily living smooth and stress-free. Staying in an untidy environment also affects our emotional and physical well-being. And this is why keeping our houses well-ordered is essential. 

One important feature of having a neatly organized house is storage space. It is necessary to have a lot of storage spots to avoid clutter in your home. You should ensure that things stay in and not on the furniture. And to achieve this, it is best to accommodate storage spaces wherever you can, around the house. 

If you are looking for home renovation tips that allow you to add some extra storage space to your interiors, you are at the right place! Here we have a few tips to help you with it, so read along!

  • Get an Iconic Storage Settee for Your Bedroom:

We believe one of the wisest storage ideas is to turn your furniture pieces into storage opportunities. But how do we do that? It is quite simple. While renovating, if you are considering purchasing new furniture pieces, invest in a storage settee. These are no different in looks than an average couch and can offer ample space for storage. 

Also, divans look uber chic in any house interior and add a traditional glam. However, with such pieces, it is normal for people to fall into the trap of hoarding. You should avoid excessively storing things in such décor items as they may damage the outlook. If you have too many things that need stocking, consider getting an external storage space. It might seem like a far-fetched idea, but it truly is not. For example, if you live in Canada, you can find numerous facilities offering self storage in Kelowna city. Just pick one that suits your need and get storing!

  • Buy A Bed with A Built-In Storage:

If you are mulling over buying a new bed, consider getting one with in-built storage space. These are fabulous when it comes to stashing your stuff. For example, if you need to store your winter clothing once the summer season arrives, you can pack them and stuff them under the bed. Numerous designs are available such as a covered storage area, an open storage space on the sides that add individuality to the piece, etc., or whatever suits your aesthetics. However, remember to focus on the size of the storage area the item offers. 

  • Use Mounted Magazine Racks in The Kitchen:

Often, we have a lot of stuff that needs managing in the kitchen, such as tissue rolls, foil spools, spatulas, pans, pots, etc. Even though you would commonly have drawers and cabinets, no storage space is ever enough for the kitchen! And this is why it is best to create as many storage options as you can. You can attach two mounted magazine holders side by side if you think you will need the extra space.

  • Hang A Wall Cabinet:

Cabinets are your best friend if you are a neatness enthusiast. They provide a way to manage all objects that would usually lie around the lounge or bedroom. If you have a small house and have a limited floor area, you can consider getting a wall-mounted cabinet. It will not consume any excess space and, at the same time, offer you utility in terms of storage area. 

  • Utilize the Knee-Wall to Install A Dresser:

Often the rooms on the upper floors have knee-walls on the sides. These are the interior walls constructed below the roof rafters. Even though not every house will have knee-walls, but if you do, why let such space go to waste? 

You can utilize this area by fixing a dresser into the knee-wall place so that only the drawers are visible. The rest of the dresser will be in the knee-wall area. It can be a fun DIY project, and you can get a lot out of a small space. It is specifically helpful for people who want storage areas but do not have any room left in the house to squeeze in a chest of drawers.  

  • Get A Bookshelf with An Attached Window Seat:

Sipping a cup of coffee while reading your favorite book right beside the window has to be the best idea for a perfect evening. If you have too little space in your lounge, consider getting a bookshelf with an in-built window seat. You will get to stock all your books and also get a place to sit! You can pick from the several styles available, or you could also take up DIY projects from Pinterest and build one on your own! 


While renovating your house, you should always plan wisely. Consider all your interior setup options in terms of the aesthetics and also the utility they provide. Go over the furniture you need to purchase and look at how you can buy ones that offer dual purposes. Also, look into attaching more wall mounting storage spaces. This way, you get more space without occupying much of the floor area. Keep in mind the storage ideas above and bring in some out-of-the-box creativity to plan extra storage space in your renovation plan! 

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