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The best thing about winter is the Christmas holiday and its decoration. Putting away Christmas presents and decorations may be a bittersweet moment. You want to store these beautiful memories before going back to the day-to-day routine. It would be best if you kept Christmas decorations to reuse them next year. Let’s admit it storing holiday decorations is a challenging task. 

So, how organized are you on holiday to store Christmas decorations? Do you put away things haphazardly and risk breakage and damage? Or do you keep them carefully? Holiday decorations can go from an enjoyable activity to frustrating before you know it. Make sure to find some safe methods to store your Christmas decorations that don’t take much of your space. Doing so will make your next year’s decorations look stress-free and more organized.

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Below are a few ideas to store your Christmas decors that are easy-to-do:


The artificial Christmas tree seems to be more advantageous than a real tree. The reason is, artificial trees don’t shed needles, and you don’t need to water them to keep them alive. Artificial trees are long-lasting and reusable. However, before buying an artificial tree for Christmas, you should ask yourself how you will store it for the next year? Also, artificial trees are heavyweight, so consider keeping them on the same floor where you use them.

Another option is to use the original Christmas tree storage box. It may be quite a struggle to store trees in the original tree storage box. Here is the solution, try tying it up using some old belts. 


Even the thought of disentangling the lighting strands can irritate you. For this reason, storing lights in a storage box is a great idea. The best option is to wrap them up in an organized manner, either it is a Christmas tree light or outdoor lighting.

Pack up strings of light using adhesive tape and put a tag on each one of them. You can mention the geometric details of the lighting material and the name of the area. 

Another quick tip is to cut the borders of a shoebox cover. Now, wind up the lights along with the card sheet of the shoebox cover. In this way, the hood will easily fit inside the box, and the lights will remain unraveled.


Have you encountered an experience where you take out your ornaments for Christmas eve only to find them wrecked? To avoid such situations, place these delicate ornaments in a container. Remember to fill up the empty areas in a container with tissue paper to restrict their movements. You can either buy a storage container or follow a DIY activity at home to make your storage box. You can also reutilize paper towels or packaging sheets to save fragile accessories and decorations. In such a manner, you can collect and stack up all precious ornaments.


A waterproof bag is necessary for storing wreath materials if you wish to use them every year. Keeping in mind that the bag must contain handlebars to secure it at an elevated position, else it will do no good. However, if the wreath size is large, you can use plastic sheets to wrap them. You can further hang it with a nail. With the help of this storing technique, your Christmas wreath will stay in shape and without dust.


One of the main challenges is to find ways to stash all your wrapping papers, gift bags, and bows. A simple hack is to allocate a small place to put away these papers. You can hide them under your bed. If you don’t have enough space to stash under your bed, you can use a hanging storage system.

Alternatively, use wrapping paper storage boxes or bins for storing rolls of wrapping papers. Protect your holiday rolls of paper from crushing using this smart tip. Take a garment bag, fill it with wrapping paper rolls, and hang it in your closet. Try this simple hack to keep your wrapping papers wrinkle-free for next Christmas.


The process of packing up all the Christmas stuff can be demanding. However, it can save you from several problems down the road. Failing to store the Christmas decorations correctly will make you lose your mind and ruin your mood while unpacking again. These creative yet easy tips can help you to decorate your home with December coming around. Through these techniques, you can reduce the chances of Christmas stuff getting misplaced and use them every year.

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