There are many things to do in winter with all the family members. Making crafts will be so much fun. If you do so, you get new winter ornaments and share a good moment with your family. Further, you give your personal touches to your room. The crafts don’t have to make expensive materials. Even you can make winter DIYs from unused things from the warehouse or buy cheap materials like paper, felt, mason jar, and soon.

DIY Christmas Tree

This Christmas tree ornament is made using origami paper so it manages to catch the attention of children. Having a small size and colorful colors will make it look adorable. Origami Christmas Tree from @lapetitefabrique_estelle.

This one winter craft is a Christmas tree. Made using green colored paper will make it look very fresh. Placing it on the table will allow it to be perfectly exposed. Green Paper Christmas Tree from @murialidades.

Interesting ! This Christmas tree is made using Styrofoam and decorated with gold stickers so that it looks very attractive. Placing it on a table makes an attractive centerpiece in winter. Styrofoam Christmas Tree from @thecraftessa.

DIY Sweater Vase

Creative and inspiring. This flower vase is made with a DIY project using an old sweater so it looks very creative. It has a black and white color theme, making it successful in presenting a monochromatic look. Black and White Swatter Vase from @rachletous.

This flower vase is made using knitted fiber so it has quite high artistic value. You can use it to display flower arrangements and place it on a table so it steals the show. Knitted Sweater Vase from @whimsy_love.

This old sweater strung into a vase looks beautiful and is perfect for a winter theme. Having a gray color will make it look elegant and easy to combine with any color. Grey Sweater Vase from

DIY Finger-Knitted Holiday Garland

See how this coat is decorated with a knitted Snowflake garland. This is a simple project that makes a big impact on a room’s decor. Having a white color theme makes it even more perfect this winter. Snowflake Garland from @shopoutinthecountry.

Look at these garland gnomes! Made by knitting will make it have a fairly high artistic value. Hanging it on the wall will make your wall stand out more and manage to steal the show. Gnome Garland from @soodle_creative_studio.

DIY Mason Jar Luminary

This mini jar is covered with a snowflake sticker making it perfect in winter. Then filled with yellow electric candles so that it becomes a beautiful luminary. Placing it on the table managed to steal the attention of everyone who came. Snowflake Luminary from @muminthemadhouse.

This one jar craft is perfect for lighting ideas in your home. Jar luminary coated with white powder will bring out the perfect snowy look. Evergreen accents will make it look prettier and fresher. Snowy Luminary from @joyfilleddays.

This snowman themed luminary jar looks absolutely adorable and is perfect for a winter decorating idea. The creator added the eyes, nose, beak, sketch and two buttons so that it would make it look more real. Snowman Luminary from @fairlybrutal.

Snow Globe

This snow globe jar is filled with a mini house and a Christmas tree bottle brush so it will present a beautiful winter scene. Placing it on a table will make it a centerpiece. Jar Snow Globe from @baker_nest.

Perfect in winter! This snow globe craft was made with a DIY project using a glass jar so it looks attractive and still simple. The owner placed it on top of the kitchen island to attract the attention of everyone who was there. Mini House and Christmas Tree Snow Globe from @bentleyblonde.

This cake stand is assembled into a snow globe craft to make it look very attractive. Having a reindeer theme and decorated with a rose gold bow, this snow globe has managed to steal the show and is very overnight. Cake Stand Snow Globe from @jaimiepriamo.

DIY Winter Wreath

Look at this one wreath! Made with a DIY project using white berries material will make it look interesting. You can decorate it with a bow so that it looks really beautiful and manages to steal the show. White Berries Wreath from @loveandlilac.

This wreath was made with a DIY project using pine cone and Christmas ball materials so it looks attractive. Decorated with string light and gold bow will make it look extraordinary. The owner hung it on the front door so it would be the perfect greeter. Pine Cone Wreath from @upcycled_by_iola.

Look at this one wreath! Made using evergreen will make it look fresh with a natural touch. The creator decorated it with string lights so that it looks beautiful and festive at night. Lighted Wreath from @pepperpotts90.

DIY Mini Winter Village

Extraordinary ! This winter village is made using paper material and is equipped with faux snow to make it more attractive. Then you can decorate it with string lights so it will look more festive. Small Winter Village from @florentaerdos.

This mini village is made using paper material so it’s simpler but still perfect. Disiaplay between the snow sprinkles makes it look very beautiful in winter. Snowy Paper Village from @crayola_uk.

What do you think of this mini winter village? Made using paper material making it very safe for children. Garnished with faux snow will make it look perfect for winter decorations. Winter Village Scene from @melanouche63.


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