Providing a playroom in your home for your kids is really recommended. It can be said that the playroom is a must in case you have enough space in your home. Why? The existence of the playroom will help you to minimize the messy home because of your kids’ toys. If there is a playroom, then your kids will do their activities there so you just have to tidy that one room after the kids plays. Also, the playroom will really mean a lot for the kids as they will feel that they are also important in the family. In creating the playroom, you should make sure that you provide fun decoration. With the colors, patterns, and some cute stuff provided, your kids will really enjoy spending their time there.

Colorful Painted Wall

Color is one of the influential things to design a playroom that children like. You can bring several colors at once in your playroom decoration. Painting the walls with several different colors will present a very beautiful look and is suitable for playroom decoration. You can choose to use bright colors to make your playroom decorations look more alive. Green floating shelves mounted on colorful walls will make your playroom decorations look more beautiful and stand out.

Colorful Painted Wall from Decoist

Add Toy Cubbies

Are you decorating the playroom? The thing that must be considered is the idea of ​​storage. A shelf equipped with a cube is the solution. This is one of the best playroom storage ideas you can choose as it allows your kids to display their favorite toys. In addition, this cube toy is very easy to access and will make your playroom decoration more neat and organized. The combination of white and beige on the shelf and cube toy will present a neutral look and still look perfect. You will never fail to apply this idea in your child’s playroom.

Toy Cubbies from Thespruce

Create a Chalkboard Wall Decoration

Presenting a chalkboard wall in playroom decoration is one idea that will never fail to try. You will no longer be afraid of your child coloring the walls in the playroom because you use a chalkboard wall which is very easy to clean again. This chalkboard wall idea is very popular with children and adults. Because this idea allows children to be free to decorate the walls without worrying for parents to clean the walls. Provide colored chalk to let your kids decorate the playroom walls the way they like.

Chalkboard Wall from Amazinginteriordesign

Decorative Wall Shelves

This wall rack is the perfect storage idea to complement your playroom décor. Equipped with a tree decal as a background, it will make your wall rack look more beautiful and attractive. Then you can install a wall shelf right on the tree trunk with the same color so that it will make it look more perfect. You can use it to store bags, books and more so that it will make your playroom look neater. Dolls and other knick-knacks placed on the shelves will give a festive impression in your playroom.

Decorative Wall Shelves from Amazinginteriordesign

Give Your Kids a Reading Nook

No kid playroom looks perfect without a reading nook there. Add a floating rack painted using white on the wall to display some of the book collections. Adding flower wall art above the book shelf, can increase the beauty of your playroom decor. The soft chair equipped with a canopy will be a comfortable place to read a book in the playroom. The carpet under the chairs with a polka dot pattern will make your playroom decor look more alive.

Reading Nook from Nextluxury

Wall Decal Art

Make your playroom decoration as lively as possible! Complementing it with wall decals is the perfect solution. Interests, activities, and styles usually change as children discover new things. Star stickers that are pasted on the wall will present a quite beautiful appearance and are very much liked by children. The combination of blue, white, gray and gold, will present a beautiful appearance and make your playroom look more beautiful. Floor daybeds and pillows in soft color tones that are placed in front of the wall will present a very stunning appearance in your playroom.

Wall Decal Art from Nextluxury

Build a Bed Crown

Daybed is one of the fun furniture and you must have to complete the playroom decoration. Equipped with a bed crowd, it will make your daybed look more perfect and very liked by children. The colorful throw pillows inside the bed crown can increase the comfort for your children so that they will feel at home there. Hanging lamp will provide perfect lighting on your bed crown so it will look very perfect and will never fail to try.

Bed Crown from Housebeautiful

Adding Swing

To create a playroom that is comfortable and liked by children, you can add a swing there. This unique feature is the perfect idea to complement any playroom décor and is easy to install on your own. Hanging rattan swing is one type of swing that you can use to complete the playroom decoration. It has a fairly long size, allowing the rattan swing to be used by more than one child. Equipped with a throw pillow and doll, it will make it even more perfect and loved by children.

Rattan Swing from Thespruce

Create a Mini Stage

This playroom decoration is equipped with a mini stage so that it will present a very perfect appearance. Having a size that is not too big makes it suitable to be placed anywhere and can work well without taking up much space. The mini stage which has a curved shape is very suitable to be placed in the corner of the room so that it can be well exposed. This stage was made using a wooden plank and covered with an orange carpet that looks simple but still perfect for playroom decoration. Equipped with led lighting at the front of the stage, it will make your mini stage look more festive.

Mini Stage from Decoist

Display Kids Artwork

There are many ways you can try to improve the playroom decor in your home, one of which is presenting your little one’s art project. All you need is a few white frames to keep the image safe and tidy. Then you can hang it on the wall in a row so it will look attractive and neat. You can also show off your little one’s flower arrangement on the shelf so that it will make your playroom very fantastic and lively. Playroom decorating ideas in this great way are to showcase their masterpieces and will never fail to try.

Display Kids Artwork from Home-designing

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