To complete your home decor, providing furniture is a must. A home decor without furniture is never complete. Whether for indoor or outdoor. The kinds of furniture are wide. In addition to commonly used furniture, you can add additional furniture to your home decor. For example a side table. This table is usually used next to a bed or chair. In addition to enhancing the decor, the side table can also serve as additional storage. Side tables come in various models and designs that you can choose from. However, if you don’t have the budget to buy it, you can make your own side table with DIY side table ideas.

DIY side table ideas offer convenience, effective cost, and allow you to be more creative. You can customize your side table according to your needs and the available materials. DIY pallet side table is a common side table that you can make. If you have a crate in your home, you can turn it to become an inexpensive DIY side table. A wood stump can also be used as side table. Even wiremesh rolls can be used as the base of your side table. And for the surface, you can use wood plank. To get an industrial look, you can combine wood and metal materials. For the simple look, a hairpin leg side table is a great idea. Moreover, you can repurpose your old items into a DIY side table. Such as a crate, shutter, wine barrel, cable spool, suitcase, large wood clock, and more. The possibilities are endless. Below are some ideas to inspire you.

Distressed Wood Side Table from hative

Side Table with Built in Storage from hative

DIY Wooden Box from hative

Concrete Side Table from hative


Repurposed Industrial Style Side Table from homebnc

Geometric Mod Copper Side Table from homebnc

Wooden Crate Table from homebnc

DIY Side Tables from homebnc

Marble DIY Side Table from homebnc

Wooden Clock Side Table from homebnc

Windows Side Table from homebnc

Serving Side Table from homebnc

Glass Terrarium Table from homebnc

DIY Lantern Tables from homebnc

Rustic Wooden Table from homebnc

Wooden Spool Side Tables from homebnc

 Wooden Slice Table from homebnc

Side Table from homebnc

Blue Side Table from homebnc

Pipe Side Table from homebnc

Drum Style Side Table from homebnc

Wooden Crate Side Table from homebnc

 Crate Storage Table from homebnc

Golden Bowls DIY Side Table from homebnc

Pet School Desk Side Table from homebnc

DIY Stool Side Table from hative

Hexagon Side Table from hative

Nautical End Table from hative

DIY Pedestal Clock End Table from hative

Tree Stump Side Table from hative

DIY Log Slice Table from hative

White Rattan Side Table from hative

Recycled Old Crate Side Table from hative

Side Table With Lighted from hative

Terracotta Side Table from hative

DIY Shutter Side Table from hative

Wooden X Legs from hative

Crate Side Table from hative

DIY Beam Side Table from hative

Boxwood Milk Paint End Table from hative

Mesh & Mirror Side Table from hative

DIY Twisty Table from hative

Recycled Wine Barrel from hative

DIY Palm Leaf Side Table from hative

DIY Spool Side Table from hative

Spray Painted Trash from ideastand

DIY Wood Crate from ideastand

DIY Side Table with Hidden Storage from ideastand

Rustic X Side Table from ideastand

Suitcase Side Table from ideastand

Repurposed Garden Steps from ideastand

DIY Sheet Music Side Table from ideastand

DIY Barrel from ideastand

Cable Spool SideTable from ideastand

Nautical Side Table from ideastand

Wooden Block Side Table  from countryliving

DIY C-Side Table  from countryliving

Dog Bed Side Table  from countryliving

Rustic Modern Side Table  from countryliving

Floating Disks Side Table  from countryliving

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