Instead of indoor walls, outdoor walls need more care than you think. They face different weather every day. They defend the hot, rainy, windy, even snowy days. That’s why outdoor walls often look dull than indoor walls. We should change the decor periodically or any time they look worse. It will be great to redecorate their face seasonally. See our ideas in the list below. You will find inspiring outdoor wall decor that can work beautifully for yours too. Check out!

Homemade Macrame Hanging Plant Holder

Homemade macrame hanging plant holder


Better to use outdoor-rated nylon rope to make this macrame hanging plant. You are free to change the terracotta pots with glass jars. The wall looks gorgeous with a white macrame, but you can use other colors. Read the tutorials step-by-step from My French Twist.

Homemade Geometric Outdoor Wall Art with Vibrant Colors

Improving an outdoor wall with wall art is a great idea. Create a simple geometric design on a sheet of a half-inch of plywood. Get pine boards, gorilla glue, nail guns, nails, stains, and paint in various colors. Start by designing the patterns. Then, continue the steps by seeing the tutorials here.

DIY Interchangeable Front Porch Sign

With galvanized corrugated metal, you can make this interchangeable porch sign. Most people probably don’t have it but can buy it at a dollar store. You can change the writing when the season changes. You will need construction lumbar, clear spray paint, small screws, lag screws, wood word cutouts, and magnets. See the tutorials here.

Decorative Wall Vertical Herb Garden

Don’t have any space on the ground to plant herbs? Use the wall space. Use a wood-slatted structure that will fit your design. Add baskets, buckets, or terracotta pots with any herb plants. Look at the detailed instructions from That’s So Gemma.

Beachy Statement with Vintage Canoe Paddles

Do you love beaches? This design might inspire you. Using wooden canoe paddles to decorate outdoor walls is a brilliant idea. You will directly notice that the owner of the house loves beaches. It also reminds us of the feeling of summer.

Use Color to Take Things to a New Level

Coffman Studio shows us that adding a contrasting color is a brilliant idea. It will create a big impact on outdoor wall design. Complete it with ceramic wall art to make your outdoor wall decor more impressive. The goal is to make the outdoor area noticed by the guest. So, a contrast-colored wall is a focal interest.


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