How is your office room look like? Is it too old or boring? So, you need to refresh it with more DIY pieces. The things related to an office are calendars, organizers, and wall art pieces. Whenever you have free time, why don’t you create a DIY project that easy but impactful? In this article, we recommend you make these DIY pieces to improve your office or home office look.

DIY Memo Board From Metals

Hang your schedule note in this memo metal board will be a nice idea. Take a garden mesh to make this amazing and useful piece. Then, paint it in any color as you like. The creator of this memo board apply black paint, but you feel free to try other colors.

DIY Hanging Organizer

If there is no more space to store your office tools, make a DIY hanging organizer will be a great idea. You don’t have to buy expensive materials. Just use a glass, rope, and hook. Attach the hook on the wall. Make a hole in the glass to put the rope. Then, hang the glass. It is an easy project, isn’t it?

DIY Faux Fur Chair

Makeover your old chair into a new faux fur chair. Just buy the faux fur in any color as you like in the store. Then, apply it to your old chair. Though it is not a new chair, it has a new appearance that looked more fresh and cute.

DIY Pencil Containers

Spruce up your office room decoration by creating DIY pencil containers. Take old food cans and cover them with patterned paper. This easy project is not only useful but will add more beauty pieces into your home office decoration.You can try different home office design ideas to express your personality and style.

DIY Wooden Organizer

Hold any items in this DIY wooden organizer to make your desk more clean and neat. Buy thin wooden boards and cut those into some pieces. Arrange carefully into a cute organizer. Then, put your small pieces there.

DIY Hairpin Desk For Office Room

Transform your desk with a hairpin leg desk to get a more eye-catching look. Customize the desk size based on your need. So, you will get more space to spread out your work. Further, the room appears larger.

DIY Confetti Clock

Add some fun into your home office decor with this colorful confetti clock. Prepare a round wooden board and 2 bags or more of confetti. Use spray paints to give more colors. Then, a modern clock movement.

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