Everyone has a cell phone that brought anywhere and anytime. It will be so much fun to upgrade its case with personal touches. Having phone cases that beautiful will boost our mood. This project is affordable and do-able. Anyone can do it without spending more time and less budget. In this article, we are going to show you cell phone case ideas that will upgrade your phone look. Let us check out the lists below!

Water Color Phone Case

You can finish this project in 5 minutes. No hard thing to do. Just find out what pattern you like to apply at the phone case. Use watercolors to make that pattern and spruce up your phone case. This super easy project is do-able even for DY newbie.

DIY Pressed Flower Phone Case

To get petals pop, use a white cell phone case that the picture shows. Then, attach faux petals on the case bu using glue. Feel free to arrange the flowers as your desire. Then, you will get this beautiful phone case with natural touches.

Print The Graphic Design

Look at this smartphone case that so eye-catching with cool graphic design. You can get this kind of case for your own, even make them. Just print any graphic design from your favorite designer. Then apply to your phone case.

Apply Some Glitters

Glitters are easy to find and versatile. You can use them for upgrading your phone case. If you buy a clean case, adding glitters will spruce it up. So, your phone case will not lack personality. Further, it looks more eye-catching.

Bohemian Phone Case

The one who loves Bohemian style will adore this phone case. You can create this tapestry by your hand. Boho touch will never go out of style. The phone case will appear softer and much comfortable to hold.

Phone Case With Bold Pattern

This fun project is not hard to do, even for the first time. Washi tape is inexpensive and do-able. Apply three different colors to get an attractive phone case appearance. Feel free to make it in diagonal, vertical, or horizontal shape.

Natural Pattern For Phone Case

You need to buy a blank cross stitch case firstly. Then, decide what patterns that you will apply in it. Feel free to make a flower, graphic, or just monogram. This result of this project is based on how to detail the pattern you choose.

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