Wine bottles are nice to use for creating a pretty decoration. Even, they are nice to repurpose for other functional items. Decorating a table with some wine bottles will create a glam and elegant scheme. However, you need to change their look. In this article, we have collected DIY wine bottle centerpiece ideas that will make your dining table look more attractive. They are nice to use as vases or other things. Let’s check the ideas further from the list and get more inspiration!

DIY Ombre Wine Bottles

Diy ombre wine bottles


Imagine that these bottles are on your table. They look so eye-catching with a pop of colors. Use spray paint to change wine bottles’ appearance. Then, combine them with the same color leaves and seeds. Then, you will get a cool centerpiece like the picture.

Wine Bottle With Flowers

Wine bottles modification will elevate your home decoration. Paint the bottles with any color you like. Add some faux flowers and place them in a glass vase. This pretty centerpiece will work well for any room style. With a double-layer look, the centerpiece gives us a pretty and elegant decoration.

DIY Bohemian Wine Bottle Craft

Craft the wine bottles you have with a Bohemian look. Then, add other supplies to make your centerpiece more adorable like feathers, seeds, or even branches. This decor works well for almost any season. Furthermore, all the things are easy to find at a thrift store.

DIY Wine Bottle Centerpieces With Twined Pouches

The pouches are easy to make by using burlap clothes. Then, add faux leather to make the monochrome. The letters make these wine bottles more interesting. You are free to decide any words you want with more bottles. Put them on the table with some flowers.

DIY Chalk-Painted Wine Bottles

Upcycle your old wine bottles by using chalk paint. Customize the color you want. Add texture with more chalk paint strokes. Then, you will get wine bottles as in the picture. Put them on the table with flowers and other decorative items. They work well for any table decor from rustic, Bohemian, retro style, and or modern scheme.

Spray Painted Wine Bottles for Centerpiece

Empty wine bottles and gold spray paints are what you need to create this centerpiece. Fill them up with tiny pumpkins, flowers, or even branches as the decor theme you want. Change the flowers as the season for fall, winter, summer, or spring. For the one who loves beauty and glamorous things, this wine bottle decor will look interesting.

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