When it comes to the organizer ideas, there are many options that you can choose from. From the complex to the simple one. For those of you who want simple organizer ideas, a wall hook is a good idea. This item is effective to hang you items and will save space effectively. If you’re looking for creative ways to hang up items on the wall, consider a DIY project. There are various kinds of DIY wall hook ideas you can try. Moreover, DIY projects give you the opportunity to customize the design of the hooks to your liking. These unique and personalized wall hooks will enhance the decor of any room.

For a simple DIY wall hook, you can build your own wooden hooks. If you want to save space in your room, consider creating DIY iron hooks to hang your items. While you’re at it, you might want to consider using repurposed coat hooks. Coat hooks are small fixtures that are also functional and stylish. Moreover, to get a unique look, you can use repurposed items for your DIY wall hooks. Such as vintage Doorknobs, drawer handles, brushes, spool and more. Even, you can unexpected stuff for your DIY wall hooks. Like branches, animal-shaped hooks, plate hangers and more. Furthermore, here are references for you.

Wood and Leather Hook from marthastewart  

Coat Rack Door from homebnc Window Shutter Hook Upcycle from homebnc DIY Hook Chalkboard and Photo Collage  from homebncNautical Whitewashed Oar Coat Rack  from homebnc
Vintage Doorknobs Hook from homebnc
Hook Coat Rack Ideas  from homebnc Iron Hook Wall from homebnc Wood and Iron Hook Wall Storage  from homebnc
Wood Hook from homebnc Classic Country Wall Hook from homebnc Distressed Wood Wall Display  from homebnc Branch Hook from homebnc DIY Iron Hook from homebnc
Traditional Wall Hook from homebnc Vintage Wall Hook from homebnc Mirror Wall Hook from homebnc DIY Wall Hook from homebnc
Animal Paint Wall Hook from homebnc

DIY Barn Wood Hook from homebnc

DIY Wall Hook from ofdesign Drawer Handels Hook from ofdesign DIY Hooks with Handles from ofdesign

Brush Wall Hook from ofdesign Lock and Doorknob Rack from countryliving  Shutter Coat Rack  from countryliving  Clipboard-Door Mudroom Rack from countryliving  Spoon and Pallet Rack from countryliving  Toy Animal Wall Hooks from countryliving 

Decorative Plate Hangers from countryliving

DIY Honeycomb Wall Hooks  from homedesignlover DIY Hook Board from homedesignlover DIY Birch Hooks  from homedesignlover Shower Curtain Hooks  from homedesignlover DIY Pallet Coffee Cup Holder  from homedesignlover Screwdriver Coat Rack from homedesignlover DIY Mountain Wall Hooks from homedesignlover

Doll Wall Hook from homedesignlover

Red Animal Hook from diyncrafts  Building Block Hooks from diyncrafts White Branch Hooks  from diyncrafts Copper Kitchen Hooks  from diyncrafts Vintage Spool Hooks  from diyncrafts Wrench Wall Hooks  from diyncrafts

Iron Rake Wall Hook from diyncrafts

DIY Painted Coat Hook from decoist DIY Cityscape Hook  from decoist  from decoistDIY Rustic Coat Rack from decoist

DIY Scandinavian Hook from decoist

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