Finish your room decoration by adding some stylish lighting fixtures. Those lamps will create focal interest and establish a cohesive style in room decor. Furthermore, they also make a room look brighter and wider. There are various lighting styles you can choose. However, it will be much better to add your personal touch by creating lighting fixtures. We have tracked down the most budget-friendly and chic DIY lighting ideas in this list. Check out further and get inspired!

Copper Pipe Light Fixture

Copper pipe light fixture


First of all, prepare a pendant lamp. Spray it in black to get a dramatic look. Cut the copper pipe into thirty equal pieces. Assemble them to make triangles using copper wire. Then, attach those triangles to make the sculpture. Fit the pendant into it and close it entirely. This copper pipe light is great to hang in a bedroom.

DIY Bottle Lamp

This table lamp will work in the bedroom. Once you find old wine jugs or other big glass bottles, take a lamp socket, a clear lamp cord, and a shade kit. The project is started by assembling the socket and cord. Then, fit them to the top of the jar. Secure them using hot glue. Screw the light and shade. That’s all. Now, you get a new lamp for your room.

DIY Beautiful Halo Lights

We give you a great idea of beautiful halo lights for kids’ rooms. The project begins with painting the wire in any color you like. Make circles with four lengths of graduated size. Then, wrap the shortest wire to the white pendant.  After that, add the white bulb. These DIY lamps will create halo lights that are so beautiful.

Industrial Pipe Light

The industrial trend is going popular day by day. Adding DIY industrial pipe light will make your home more stylish. Combine fitting connectors, flanges, and elbows to make this awesome light. Corporate the plumbing pipes and add the bulbs. They will make your kitchen bright and looks attractive.

DIY Wonderful Rope Chandelier

Crystal chandeliers are elegant, but a rope chandelier is unique. Wrap the sisal rope to the entire metal fixture, and you will get a rope chandelier. Hang this cool rope chandelier on the living room ceiling. You can use it to enlighten your bedroom too. When you see it, you will remember the beauty of the beach.

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