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DIY Wall Decals to Spruce Up Your Room Decor With Low Budget

There are some easy ways to spruce up a room decoration with a low budget. You can use wall decals with various styles. Most people love to apply geometric patterned wall decals. But, you are free to try other shapes. With some wall decals, your walls will not be empty anymore. In this article, we show some DIY wall decals that will improve your room. Though you can get some of them in the store, but create your own wall decals is an awesome thing to do.

Removable Animal Wall Decals

Removable animal wall decals


If you want to ask your kids to make something interesting this week, just try this easy peasy project. Creating removable animal wall decals is not hard. Look at the animals on the wall that so cute for kids. Feel free to create other animals like rabbits, birds, owls, and soon.

Handdrawn Wall Decals

Make your white walls more interesting by drawing nature pictures. A big mountain, cute sun, and some trees will be great. Pretend that you are camping in the mountain area with beautiful scenery. However, those are in terms of white and black. What you need is only a black marker and an abundance of creativity.

Herringbone Accent Wall

Making this herringbone accent wall, you might need several hours. However, the result will not make you upset. Look at the picture that shows a beautiful herringbone pattern on the wall created by painting. Use gaffer tape or double tape to make details and directions. It looks like done by professionals, isn’t it?

Mountains Wall Decal

First of all, you need to draw the concept. Then, decide what colors that you want to apply. Paint the upper side of the wall in dark blue. Then, paint the mountains green and white. You will finish this project in several minutes. Feel free to customize the colors as you like.

Awesome Black Lines

What is more interesting than creating wall decals that are easy and affordable? It can spruce up your walls and keep your money. You only need to buy some black gaffer tapes to line your wall. Sure, create your own wall decals as creatively as you want.

Washi Tape Wallpaper

What a great creation! The wall decals are made of some washi tapes that are attached to the walls. No expensive thing at all. Furthermore, this project is super easy to do. Attach the colorful washi tape one by one till the triangle-shaped. Cool, huh?

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