What comes to your mind if you heard about rulers? Those are what we use to measure the length of the table, aren’t they? Is your old wooden ruler still safe well? It’s time to use them to make something new. Those wooden rulers will add a classic vintage look to our home decoration. They are made of wood with some numbers and lines. Using them for creating vintage items will be great. So, see our ideas below! You will get some inspiration from our list to make something from an old wooden ruler.

DIY Vintage Lampshade with Old Rulers

Diy vintage lampshade with old rulers


Let us change the lampshade in your bedroom to look more vintage with old rulers. Glue them on by one to the lampshade. Just make sure you have measured the length perfectly. So, there will be no ruler that is longer or shorter than the lampshade.

DIY Yardstick Star Christmas Tree

Just cut some yardsticks. Then, attach them end to end in a star shape. Make it more stable with nails or nuts. Add the star to a white place. Then, put it at the top of a Christmas tree that you have made. It will add a magical feel to your Christmas decor.

DIY Vintage Ruler Crate

If you need a bit of storage, make this DIY vintage ruler crate! Find old rulers, then attach them to the wooden base. Whether those are vintage or new, you can use them to make this ruler crate. Then, it will become vintage storage to keep everything.

Yard Stick Sunburst Mirror

Collect more yardsticks that cut them out! Use every single stick to make this pretty sunburst mirror. Attach each stick one by one to the mirror using glue. Then, let them for several hours or until they are dried. 

DIY Yardstick Kitchen Backsplash

Upgrading a kitchen backsplash can be more challenging with old yardsticks. Just assemble them one by one to the backsplash using hot glue. This way is super easy to do. Even, a DIY newbie can finish it well in less than an hour.

DIY Yardstick Wall Clock

You will need some yardsticks, a bicycle wheel, and a clock machine. Creating this DIY clock is by attaching all elements. Then, you will get a new clock with a vintage feel to fill your wall. We love the shape that is interesting. Furthermore, this craft is useful too. So, will you make it soon for your wall decor?


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