If you need a rustic storage project, it is a good idea to keep your attention here. All ideas are collected in DIY Rustic Aesthetic Storage Project To Stash Your Stuff.

Upcycled Rustic Aged Wooden Wall Shelves

Upcycled rustic aged wooden wall shelves DIY Rustic Aesthetic Storage Project To Stash Your Stuff


For this project, reclaimed wood and some industrial hardware go a long way in achieving an appealing, natural bit of storage décor that can elevate the class of any room in your home from the bedroom to the bathroom. Besides, these shelves may stand out even more if the wood has a lovely weathered appearance. Thus, they can hold useful items or services to support additional decorations you want to show off.

Divan Bed Bottom Storage Hack

Divan bed bottom storage hack DIY Rustic Aesthetic Storage Project To Stash Your Stuff


Divan beds actually have a lot of potential for storage space underneath once you cut away some things. Here, no longer will you have to deal with a common, plain bed. Adding some wood in the spacious area below your bed can transform the section into an attention-grabbing storage cubby without you having to purchase one of those fancier beds. Besides, if your bedroom already doesn’t have it, the wood used here can work as a natural aesthetic to the overall décor.

Rustic Theme Footed Tray

If you don’t have more extensive projects, you may consider building a simple footed tray such as this. It is mentioned as a wonderful upcycle project that takes an old, un-useable kitchen pan and turns it into a tray that can hold miscellaneous items. Obviously, it can work phenomenally well on your kitchen counter to do away with any disorder of your spices, oils, etc. After that, adding on the wooden feet is another good touch as they work to accent the piece while also giving the tray the lift it needs.

Rustic Wooden Key Wall Holder

Let me ask you a question, who hasn’t misplaced their keys at some point or another? Thus, the existence of keyholders is a lifesaver in a home, but if you want to stick to a laidback, farmhouse style, it’s ideal to merely build one yourself. Slightly, this holder looks remarkable as wall décor. Luckily, it’s functional as well since it gives you enough room to hang a couple of sets of keys. After that, there is room to slip mail into as well if you don’t have a table in your entryway. Then, the tools you need to create this rustic key holder are a miter saw, drill, wood glue, clamps, sander, brad nail gun, and D ring hanger.

Plate Rack Towel Holder Transformation

Here is another question for you, who said plate racks just had to hold plates? You will need no time in crafting, you can transform a basic plate rack into a bold towel rack holder. Here, using gold for the color scheme helps bring out more rural vibes so it won’t look out of place when used in a farmhouse-style room. After that, it’s just a nice way to keep your towels neat in the bathroom or the kitchen.


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