There are many ideas you can try to have great garden decoration items, more if you are a gardener. Here we have collected ideas of DIY Appealing Frame Ideas For Gardeners That Worthy To Be Try.

Hanging Frame Art

Hanging frame art DIY Appealing Frame Ideas For Gardeners That Worth To Try


It is a picture frame hanging project with little lanterns that looks so pretty to enjoy your outdoor view. Then, it looks harmonious because of the white color for all elements. You can just take your old frames, paint them all in white, and hanging it over.

Frame Hanging Planter

Frame hanging planter DIY Appealing Frame Ideas For Gardeners That Worth To Try


To create this, you can spray paint your old picture frame with metallic paint. After that, attach two corners with a chain to hang it in the garden. Last, suspend your planters’ pots to the frame with wire in up-down style. The result shows you have a class in the maximum decoration of repurposing ideas.

Greenhouse Terrarium

Look at this inexpensive and practical greenhouse to display as a new pretty centerpiece from a set of different-sized picture frames. You will need semi-gloss spray paint, hot glue, duct tape, and metal tabs. Here, you can place a greenhouse over your favorite little plants, next to a sunny window, and watch the plants grow.

Beach Framed Seashells

It is another project you can create from the distress picture frame. It gives you a rustic look by attaching some big seashells to the center using an adhesive. You can display a single seashell for a pretty and enchanting look. Do not forget to re-paint the frame for a fresh presentation.

Message Board

You may use a staple gun here to attach the chicken wire to the inside of the frame. As always, in repurposing an idea, you always need to re-paint the frame into a new look. To clip the message and photos, you will need clothespins with a pretty scrapbook paper cover. The other materials needed are mod podge, pretty paper, cutting device, and paintbrush.

Succulent Garden In Frame

This project will need 3 5×7 dollar store frames, moss, faux succulents, faux twigs, paint, dark wax, and paintbrush. The faux items here will no need special treatment so you can easily put them anywhere with any condition.


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