It is summer. Everyone starts to prepare for their holiday journey. Some of them go abroad to find more beaches, pineapples, and sun. Are you ready to have fun somewhere? You need to keep your passports then. It will be much better to keep them in a very safe pursue or holder. Make it yourself by having the DIY project. In this article, we give you DIY passport holder ideas that you can make easily. So, you can travel anywhere without worrying about your passport looking dirty. Check out!

DIY Cool Map Printed Passport Holder

Diy cool map printed passport holder


It will be nice to hold your passport in this cool map-printed passport holder. There are various patterns that you can choose but a map-printed is the best. It shows that you are a real traveler that will go around the world. See the map and enjoy your traveling time.

Stylish Passport Holder

Having this cute cover will not make you out of date. The passport you have will be saved well in this pretty fabric passport holder. Feel free to choose the most interesting pattern base on your desire. Make sure it will match your style as well.

Leather Passport Holder With Wax Thread

If you want to hold a high-quality passport cover, using leather will be a pretty great idea. It looks durable and stylish at any time. Moreover, leather is versatile. Both men and women can hold it on along the holiday.

Polka Dot Passport Holder


For girls, this passport holder looks so cute. The light brown leather is stamped well with white polka dots. The appearance works well for a feminine tone. Feel free to customize the colors as you like. Maybe you want a pink leather passport with white polka dots.

Animal Prints Passport Holder

Sure, animal prints are awesome. The patterns look different and work well for any style. Furthermore, this versatile pattern will not break up your vacation style. Just choose what patterns you like such as zebra, tiger, or others.

Gold Leather Passport Holder

Look at this picture that shows us a glam passport holder. Anyone who loves luxurious things will adore this passport cover as well. It looks pretty genius to hold your passport with this glam touch.

Passport Holder With Texture

Choose more textural materials for a DIY passport holder is not a mistake. It gives your a different style that chic for anyone. See this dark brown passport holder with its awesome pattern. Isn’t it cool? You can try other colors as you wish.



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