Holiday times are coming. You might see Santa sooner with more gifts for you. So, decorate your home beautifully to welcome him. Oh, no. What about us who live in a tiny apartment? We don’t have space for a Christmas tree with its leaves, branches, and ornaments. We should read this article further. There are DIY mini Christmas tree ideas to copy. Most of them are easy and affordable for anyone. Check out and get more inspiration.

DIY Seaglass Christmas Tree

DIY Seaglass Christmas Tree


No time to worry. Let’s make a Christmas tree with sea glasses for our small space. We will need sea glass in some shapes, sizes, and colors. We should prepare a paper Mache cone, a starfish, a toothpick, acrylic paint, a paintbrush, a hot glue gun, and an awl. See more tutorials here.

DIY Mini Modern Christmas Tree

A Christmas tree shouldn’t be made of a real tree. We can use flat circles from very thin wood slices. Attach them to a wooden dowel. Stuck them vertically and give a space in-between for about an inch. Then, build a concrete base for the wooden dowl. We will see a cute modern Christmas tree. Feel free to paint it or not.

DIY Pine Cone Christmas Tree

Forget about a Christmas tree with green leaves and its ornaments. We can try to make a mini Christmas by gluing a bunch of pinecones to a foam of cones. Add some pearls, glitter, or stars to make it more eye-catching.

DIY Twig Christmas Tree

We will need twigs, a wooden slice, and glue. Making this Christmas tree is not tricky. Check more from DIYs for details instructions. Do you see? It looks so simple with a cute snowflake on the top. We can put it on the desk or nightstand.

DIY Button Christmas Tree

Making this Christmas tree isn’t hard at all. We will need a Styrofoam cone. Attach numerous green buttons to it. Decorate the mini Christmas tree with pins. It works well for your holiday theme with Christmas spirit, Santa, angels, and more.

DIY Ribbon Christmas Tree

Ribbons are versatile. You can use them to make a Christmas tree with the colorful result. First, we have to craft a cone. Then, cover it with colorful ribbons. We will see a cute Christmas tree after it. Add a mini star at the top of it. Easy, huh? We can do it in less than an hour. If you want to make it soon, check out DIYs for detailed instructions.



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