Whether you want to plant cacti, succulent, flower, or herb, using macrame plant hangers is great. It will improve your room decoration. It adds a natural sensation to a home with modern look. No matter what your home style is, macrame plant hangers are suitable for all.  Moreover, they work well for a small space as too. We have collected DIY macrame plant hanger idea in the list below to inspire you. Check them out further and start crafting soon!

DIY Yarn Macrame Plant Hanger

Diy yarn macrame plant hanger


Use your leftover yarn to make a macrame plant hanger! Sure, it will be better to use bright colored yarn to make a neon macrame hanger. It is easy o create and will be great for a holiday gift too. We believe you can finish this project in less than an hour.

Macrame Plant Hanger with Two-Color pot

What do you think of these planters? They are nice for the living room in your home. First, you need to paint the pot in two-color style. Then, use white yarn to make macrame hanging planters. Feel free to hang it on other room too.

DIY Statement Macrame Plant Hanger

Black yarn will create an elegant macrame plant hanger. Look at the planter in the picture! It shows a gold vase with black macrame that brings a luxurious touch to your room. We love the theme that work well for a minimalist room. Do you want to make it? Check out more the instructions here.

DIY Standing Macrame Plant Hanger

Buy an old bird cage at a flea market. Add the basic to make it stand alone. Paint in gold color to get a luxurious look. You will need some supplies to do it like sandpaper, metallic gold spray paint, scissors, washi tape, and ruler. Check out more here to know how to make it.

DIY Beautiful Macrame Plant Hangers

It is free to design your macrame plant hangers as you want. You can combine various color patterns in the rope. Then, you will get a mini garden in your home. Show your talent in crafting and make as many plant hangers as possible.

DIY Neon Macrame Plant Hanger

It is a fun and artsy craft ever! Furthermore, it looks so easy to copy. Choose neon colored fiber to make this macrame plant hanger. We believe it will add a cheerful theme in your home. Check out how to make it here.



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