Make your kitchen as neat as possible. To make it happen, you need some kitchen organizer ideas. Since there are a lot of kitchen stuff you have to organize, you have to think carefully about the organization ideas you will use. Especially for your kitchen utensils, make sure they are uncluttered and neatly organized. In this case, you can use a holder for your kitchen utensil. A kitchen utensil holder can be a fun, affordable way to organize your kitchen utensils. Instead of buying a new kitchen utensil holder, you can make it by yourself. A DIY kitchen utensil holder is a good idea. Beside being able to save your budget, it can add attratctive look to your kitchen.

Actually, there are wide ideas of DIY kitchen utensil holders. You can repurpose some used items. First, you can use a tin can caddy. Make a tin can utensil holder for the kitchen by recycling tin cans. A fiesta crock can be the next options for your DIY kitchen utensil ideas. In addition to being functional, these crocks are decorative, too. This crock is made of food-grade stainless steel and features three compartments for utensils. Moreover, you can use a glass jar, mason jar, galvanized bucket, basket and even old pot. The possiblities are endless. Furthermore, here are some references for you.

Masoon Jar from topinspired 

Old Flower Pot from topinspired 

Old Candle Holder from topinspired

Hanging Utensil Holder from hgtv
Countertop Utensil Holder from homestratosphere  Hanging Galvanized Utensil  from homestratosphere

Utensil Holder with Denim Pockets  from diytotry  Utensil Storage  from diytotry Silverware in Mason Jars  from diytotry  Basket Divider  from diytotry 

Pot Holder from diytotry Store Wooden Spoons from architecturendesign

Hang Wall Storage Cans  from architecturendesign

Repurposed Wine Cork Utensil Organizer from homedesignlover  Wooden Wall Holder from homedesignlover  Lego Blocks from homedesignlover Upcycled Thrift Store Vases  from homedesignlover  Vertical Kitchen Organization from homedesignlover  Crafty Door Organizer  from homedesignlover  Colorful Mason Jars  from homedesignlover Magnetic Knife Block  from homedesignlover

Wood Stripes from homedesignlover DIY Wooden Utensil Rack with Holders from shelterness DIY Upcycled Utensil Caddy from shelterness 

DIY Rotating Utensil from shelterness
Wooden Utensil  from familyholiday  Cutting Board Utensil Holder from familyholiday  Blue Box Utensil Holder from familyholiday

Potted Rope Utensil Storage  from familyholiday  DIY Garden Tools Utensil from familyholiday  Vintage Utensil from familyholiday  Burlap and Rope Utensil from familyholiday  Wire Utensil  from familyholiday  Coloful Lego Utensil from familyholiday  Vintage Tin Utensil  from familyholiday  Knife Storage from familyholiday  Geometric Vases  from familyholiday  DIY Masson Jar from familyholiday 

PVC Potted Utensil from familyholiday

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