It’s good sometimes to deep clean your house. While it’s not possible to deep clean it once a week, at least once a month you should go through your house and clean every nook and cranny. It’s especially important to do this if you have a large house because there are bound to be ignored areas that have collected dust and germs. A deep clean will help you to eliminate any germs or bacteria that are lingering, after your routine daily or weekly cleans.

Here are nine secrets for quickly and efficiently deep cleaning your house:

Rug Cleaning

If you have any rugs in your house, then it’s a good idea to get them cleaned professionally. You should clean a rug professionally several times a year. If your rug is handmade and woolen, then rug cleaning is especially important. Bacteria and germs can break down the natural fibers of your rug, not to mention attract pests like carpet moths and beetles. According to one specialist Westchester area rug cleaning service, steam cleaning and dry cleaning can seriously damage your handmade woolen rug, which means that it’s a very bad idea for you to attempt to clean it yourself. It’s also well known that vacuum cleaning handmade rugs can be very bad because it can cause the rug’s knots to come undone.

Moving Shelves

It’s a very good idea to move any shelves in your home and clean behind them. It’s very common for germs, dust, and dirt to go undiscovered behind bookcases and shelving units. If you have fixed shelving units in your kitchen and bathroom, then you should be able to remove the bottom panel. You can then insert a vacuum cleaner and clean the inside of the unit and behind it. Make sure to enlist the help of friends or loved ones if you are trying to move very large bookcases because you can hurt yourself by doing it alone.

Cleaning Gutter

When people think of deep cleaning, they mainly only think about their home’s interior. It’s also a very good idea to clean your home’s exterior, starting with your gutter. If you do not clean your gutter out, then it can become blocked, which can result in water leaking into your home’s roof and attic. A blocked gutter can also become a breeding ground for vermin. Rats and mice have been known to climb up into blocked drainpipes so that they can make nests there or forage for food. Birds do the same thing.

Carpet Cleaning

If you have carpets in your house, then just as with rugs, it’s important to have them cleaned. A lot of people’s carpets are teeming with bacteria because they don’t clean them. Carpets don’t tend to look dirty if they are regularly vacuumed, but that’s not to say that they are clean. You can rent a steam cleaner or buy one of your own. You can then use the steam cleaner to deep clean your home’s carpets. If you haven’t cleaned your carpets before, then the cleaner’s water tank will likely take on a brown tinge, which means all dirt has been eliminated.

Lifting Floorboards

If you have wooden floors in your house, then one tip for cleaning your house is to lift them up and clean underneath them. It’s very common for people to ignore their floorboards, which can then result in a lot of dust and germs gathering up underneath them. It’s very common for carpet beetles to start breeding underneath people’s floorboards because dust or natural fibers have settled there. Other pests also live underneath your floorboards, like mice and cockroaches. If you can’t lift your floorboards up, then invest in an industrial-strength vacuum cleaner and run it over the slits between each board.

Professional Help

It’s worth mentioning at this point because this post promised to tell you about the most efficient ways of cleaning your house and that there really aren’t many shortcuts that you can take to your home’s cleanliness. The only way to clean up your house really speedily with as little work as possible performed on your part of being is to contact a professional cleaning company and hire them to do it. Professional cleaning companies can dispatch several cleaners at once, who can deep clean your house.

Hiring Maid

Another tip for cleaning your house more efficiently is to hire a maid. If you have a very small house, then a maid or weekly cleaner won’t be necessary. Maids and weekly cleaners are better suited to larger houses. If you are going to hire a maid or cleaner, then make sure that you research them and read their online reviews. Unfortunately, not all maids and cleaning services are equal. Some are very low quality and aren’t worth your time. A company or individual’s reviews will tell you a lot about their work ethic.

Enlisting Family

If you have a large house to clean but don’t want to fork out the money for a maid or professional cleaning service, then you do have one other option: enlist your family’s help. Most families have one day of the week where everybody pitches in with cleaning. If you have children and a partner, then this is a very good idea. Not only does doing this help to keep your house clean, but it also encourages your children to work hard, which can benefit them in other areas of their lives.

Natural Chemicals

When you are cleaning your house, it’s obvious that at some point you are going to have to use some kind of chemical. However, just because you need to use chemicals, that doesn’t mean that you have to use ones that are bad for your health. It’s possible to find chemicals that are derived from organic and natural materials. You should definitely avoid bleach because inhaling bleach can cause some very serious health problems. Another risk associated with using cleaning chemicals is dangerous interactions, which can release harmful gasses.

If you want a clean house, then you need to extensively clean it at least once a month, in addition to performing daily or weekly cleans. Make sure that when you are cleaning, you do it thoroughly and don’t take shortcuts. Ignoring dirt and mess will only give you more to do later on.

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