Storage is important for home decor. This item helps your home to be neat and organized. There are many storages that you can choose from. One of them is a shelf. Incorporating shelves in your home decor in addition to providing storage space and keeping your home tidy, shelves can also enhance your home decor. Moreover, if your shelf has a unique shape. In this case, DIY geometric shelves can be your choice to create a modern and stunning look.

DIY geometric shelving is a great space-saving solution. A DIY geometric shelving idea is a beautiful way to display decorative items. These units can be made easily and will fit into any room. Besides looking elegant, this type of DIY shelving can also be used as wall art, so it’s a great way to add style to any room. There are many DIY geometric shelving ideas for all styles and sizes of rooms. With a few simple tools, you can create a simple shelving unit. It ranges from simple square, rectangular, round, triangular to stylish hexagon shelves. If you want a unique look, asymmetrical geometric shelves can be your options. By following these instructions for DIY geometric shelves, you can create a stylish and functional storage solution for your home.

Windows Triangle Shelf from diycraftsy

Ttriangle-Shaped Shelving from homedit

Brass Geometric Shelf from homedit

Wooden Geometric Shelf from homedit

Asymmetrical Shape Shelf from homedit

Two Geometric Shelves from homedit

Wooden Shelf from homedit

Small Honeycomb Shelves from homedit

White Asymmetrical Shelves from homedit

Geometric Floor to Ceiling Shelf from homedit

Geometric Wall Decor from homedit

Triangular Modular Shelf from homedit

Minimalist Geometric Shelf from homedit

Bold Geometric Shelf from homedit

Wooden Box Shelves from homedit

Zig-Zag Shelf from homedit

Long Triangle Shelf from shelterness

Wooden Honeycomb Shelves from shelterness

Snowy Mountain Triangle Shelf from shelterness

Bold Hexagon Shelves from shelterness

Round Wood Shelf from shelterness

Square Pastel Box Shelf from shelterness

Arrow Shelf from hgtv

Three Boxes Shelves from hgtv

Mountain Shelf from hgtv

Circle Shelf Storage from hgtv

Brass Pyramid Storage from hgtv

Four Geometric Shelf from hgtv

Standing Geometric shelf from apartmenttherapy

Metal Geometric Shelf from apartmenttherapy

Hexagon Glass Wall Shelf from apartmenttherapy

Unfinished Wood Boxes Shelf from apartmenttherapy

Honeycomb Shaped Shelf from apartmenttherapy

Wooden Triangle Shelves from apartmenttherapy

Circular Wooden Shelf from apartmenttherapy

Geometric Bookcases from homedit

Geometric Wall-Mounted Bookcase from homedit

Small Book Storage from homedit

Geometric Open Shelf from homedit

Geometric Floral Shelf from homebnc

White Hexagonal Shelf from home-designing

Triangular Floating Shelf from home-designing

Three Triangular Shelf from home-designing

Minimalist Square Shelf from home-designing

Modern Square Shelf from home-designing

Industrial Wooden Shelf from home-designing

Six-Sided Storage from homebnc

Boox Shelf from homebnc

DIY Wooden Hexagon Shelf from homebnc

Oval Shelves from decoist

Modern-Classic Bookshelf from decoist

 Metallic Geometric Modular Shelves from decoist

Pink Paint Tringular Shelf from home-designing

Geometric Nursery Shelf  from deavita

DIY Triangle Shelves from diycraftsy

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