When it comes to wall decorating, you will find an abundance of things at Walmart. However, creating your own wall decor looks much better. Furthermore, you can see your own personal touches with the whole creativity given. Seeing your own works on the wall will make you feel so proud of yourself. You have done well so far. And, seeing your DIY wall decor every day is nice and pleasant. Check our list below and see wall decor ideas that you can copy for your own room.

DIY Minimal Copper Air Plant Holders

Diy minimal copper airplant holders


Cut the pipe in certain sizes. Then, paint them with coral paint. Make copper air plant holders as many as you need. Hang them on the wall in your bedroom. These holders are not only functional but also decorative. Your bedroom looks more mind-blowing with these holders anyway.

DIY Cool Bud Vase

Just imagine this cool bud vase on your own wall. Making this DIY cool bud vase is not hard. Just take plywood and attach it to the copper pipe. Whenever it becomes a vase, attach it to a metal candle plate. Then, mount it on the wall by using nails. Add water and plant.

DIY Simple Wall Clock

Buy a circular wood. Attach the clock machine at the back of it. Then, use leather strain to hang this clock on the wall. No need to paint. Let the wood in its natural color to get a cool modern style. This clock will make your bedroom more interesting with its minimalist tone.

DIY Yarn Wall Hanging

Take as much as needed white yarn to make this DIY wall hanging. Knot the yarn on the plywood. Then, hang it on a hoop. Then, mount this yarn wall hanging on the wall. This is a super easy project that a beginner can do sooner. No hard step at all.

DIY Seashell Wall Hanging

We will need a long rope to make this DIY seashell wall hanging. First of all, create a hole in each seashell. Then, tie them in a rope. Take another bolder rope to wrap plywood. Attach each seashell to the plywood. And, hang it on the wall. Easy right?

DIY Fringed Mirror Wall Hanging

Make the fringe by using yarn. Then, attach them to the back of the mirror with glue. After that, hang the mirror with fringe on the wall. What are you waiting for? Just try to make this fringe mirror this week.

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