The beautiful fireplace design and mantel have a huge impact on the ambiance of a room, especially in winter. The fireplace is actually used to make a wonderful focal point, especially in your living room in winter. It is not only giving you cozy looks but also comforting. Here are the ideas of DIY Faux Fireplace To Complete Your Winter Decoration In A Gorgeous Way. Keep your reading spirit on this page.


Moveable Faux Fireplace

This moveable faux fireplace heart is movable as its name. So, when you are done with it, you can easily move it to storage until next winter. Besides, you can also make it your permanent fixture in your home to create a focal point. The materials you need are countersink bit, sander, compound miter saw, jigsaw, table saw, caulk gun, paintbrush, paint, caulk, nail putty, wood glue, drill, grabber screws, nails, finish nailer, square dowel, round shoe, and wood panels.

Fake Brick Fireplace

Fake brick fireplace DIY Faux Fireplace To Complete Your Winter Decoration In A Gorgeous Way

This fake brick fireplace is so amazing either for your bedroom or living room. It is completely faux, even the bricks are also fake. The materials needed are boards, baseboard molding, crown molding, fake brick panel, white paint, drywall mud, sandpaper, plastic putty knife, hole screws, wood flue, and wood putty. After that, the tools are a table saw, jigsaw, miter or chop saw, Kreg jig, and a nail gun.

Stacked Wood Faux Fireplace

This faux fireplace looks so gorgeous with a shiplap planked wall for the entertainment center, stone surround, chic mantel, and stacked wood fa├žade. The supplies needed to create this stacked wood faux fireplace are primer, white semi-gloss paint, angled paintbrush, paint bucket, a cup or two of water, clean lint-free rag, air stone, air stone adhesive, hack saw, putty knife, matte black paint, and concrete patio stones.

Faux Fireplace Surround

Faux fireplace surround DIY Faux Fireplace To Complete Your Winter Decoration In A Gorgeous Way

When you see this faux fireplace, surround does a great job as a focal point in the living room. Besides, in the room, you will see this faux fireplace surround looks exactly like a real normal fireplace. Meanwhile, it has no chimney and saved a ton of your money. You can start putting in wiring for your two sconces above the mantel, gas line put in place, and tile the surround.

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